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How to organize the security service

How to organize the security service

In fact, many of today's realitiesenterprises and companies to protect property and financial assets using the services of both public and private security services, which are organized, as a rule, former employees of the Interior or the armed forces.



Service security - This is quite a prestigious place to workSome people, therefore, to get there, you need to not only know how to handle weapons, but also to be physically resilient and strong person. To arrange service securityWhich could take a worthy place in the market, you need to dial in a staff of experienced and qualified professionals, who are well familiar with the scope of activity of such organizations.


If you want to organize a service securityTo begin with, register it in the organsstate control. If you decide to create it for the protection of any enterprise, there is the issue Agree with his leadership. It may be possible to disguise the service under the security guards not to spend extra money on service official registration security.


Head of service security should control the entire protected object to them. In the case of unauthorized entry to take appropriate action to protect the object. If you do not know how to organize the service yourself securityConsult an experienced lawyer who thoroughly examine your problem and help you practical advice.


The legislation of the Russian FederationIt provides for the possibility of organizing CHOP (private security company). Its activity is regulated by the law "On private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation." CHOP in any case not be admitted to the protection of any government installations. If you want to open the PSE, it is necessary to register in law enforcement. Also, the company charter is subject to licensing by the relevant state authorities. Creating PPC is the best legal way service organizations security.


Service security Bank usually included in the financialinstitutions and has no special status. Working in such a service is associated with a greater risk, because constantly have to protect the financial assets of the bank and, therefore, there is a chance of robberies and thefts. Each guard has the right to carry firearms. Apply it, he can only be in the event of an attack on the protected object to them.

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