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How to organize a security service


How to organize a security service</a>

In the modern realities of reality, manyEnterprises and companies use the services of both public and private security services to protect property and financial assets, which are usually organized by former employees of internal affairs or armed forces.



Service Security It is quite a prestigious place of work forSome people, therefore, to get there, you need not only to be able to handle weapons, but also to be physically hardy and strong person. In order to organize a service Security, Which could take a worthy place in the market, it is necessary to recruit experienced professionals in the field who are well acquainted with the sphere of activity of such organizations.


If you want to organize a service Security, First register it in the organsState control. If you decided to create it for the protection of an enterprise, then agree on this issue with his leadership. Perhaps, it will be possible to disguise the service under the guards, so as not to spend extra money for the official registration of the service Security.


Head of Service Security Must control the entire object protected by him. In case of unauthorized intrusion, take appropriate actions to protect the object. If you do not know how to independently organize a service Security, Seek the advice of an experienced lawyer who will thoroughly study your problem and help you with good advice.


Legislation of the Russian FederationIt is possible to organize a private security company. His activities are regulated by the law "On Private Detective and Security Activities in the Russian Federation". The PSC is in no way allowed to protect any state facilities. If you want to open a PSC, you need to register it in law enforcement. Also, the articles of association of the enterprise are subject to licensing in relevant state instances. Establishing PPOs is the best legal way to organize a service Security.


Service Security The bank, as a rule, is a part of the financialInstitution and has no special status. Work in such a service involves a lot of risk, because you constantly have to protect the bank's financial assets, and, therefore, there is a possibility of robberies and theft. Each guard has the right to carry firearms. It can only be used in the event of an attack on an object protected by it.

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