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How to organize the order table

How to organize the order table

Organizing the table of orders - a fascinating process that allows to satisfy the desire of many listeners, subscribers, readers of your selling resource.

Properly constructed system can become your main source of income.



Online Store - one of the most important sourcesSales of thousands of profitable companies. This is one of the possible centers of attention to your table orders visitors. To create a site that will host the range of your products, you can use ready-made systems of internet marketing.


CMS (Content Management System) allows you toquickly upload the articles, photographs and prices of your products. There are both paid and open source CMS, the most popular: «Bitrix», Joomla, Drupal. On the orders of the table make the site visible feedback field, orders and contacts - will depend on the sales conversion.


Hire a copywriter or content manager. These professionals create interesting material, which attracts visitors time and time again. Find freelancers (teleworker) you can on Fl.ru projects, Freelansim.ru and Searcheangines.ru. To expand your base, use social networks, popular blogs, organize competitions.


Legalize your table orders. For this you need the authorized fund of 10,000 rubles and legal address. In addition, the need to regularly take the money of the company reporting to the tax office along with the deductions. Find a notary (a lawyer) and an accountant you can for professional projects (Professionali.ru, E-xecutive.ru).


Find suppliers who can offeryou the lowest price on the market. This is usually the major manufacturers or wholesalers. From your purchase price will depend directly on the relevance of your offer and the demand on the order table service.


Choose the optimal scheme of logistics (delivery). On how quickly you get the goods will depend on the cost of logistics and buying interest. Rarely ordinary Internet users are willing to wait for your goods a month. Use bonus transport companies - most of the logistics offer free warehousing for a week. Warehousing - one of the key points of the cost of any table of orders, saving on storage will allow you to improve business margins.


Hire one or more managersSales. Popular resources Search employees: Career.ru, hh.ru, Hantim.ru. Your order table must be available at a convenient time for the customer. In the evening, you can set up an automatic system that will allow you to increase the number of customers with the greatest savings on staff.

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