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How to organize the office

How to organize the office

The way you organize the office space will depend on the work of your entire company. Sometimes it seems that it does not matter who sits where and what height partitions between workstations.

However, most often it is not.

Office as the house: every detail counts.



On the one hand, the office must be comfortable for thosewho works in it. But do not forget that the office - it's still not a living. Comfort should not exclude the mobility and simplicity, because the company is not so rare move. Elaborate details and bulky furniture only complicate your move.


Working in a person's life takes a minimumthird of the time. Therefore, it is important that the office maintained perfect physical conditions for the work: fresh air, comfortable temperature, adequate lighting. If you shoot a Class A office (ie, the most expensive class), then, as a rule, these problems have been solved, because in such offices is always a good air conditioning system, lighting and heating. If your office is far from high-end, you have to bring it closer to the ideal of purchasing and installing the air conditioner, keeping the temperature at + 19 + 25 ° C and sufficient moisture.


The way you organize the distribution cabinetbetween employees, which will take the space for negotiation, it depends primarily on your business. However, there are some general guidelines for any office.

Reception is well placed right in front of the door. It will be a kind of "face" of the office for clients and candidates. To the left or to the right from the reception can arrange a negotiating not to conduct customer or competitor across the office to negotiate and not to interfere with other employees. In addition, customers do not have to know how your office organized.


Similarly, the left or right of the reception (inDepending on where you will have a meeting room) is to install a door leading into the actual office space. It can if you wish to be divided into many small rooms, or remain open space (open space) with small partitions between workstations. Do the key personnel of the company in any case have to be private rooms, while the junior staff and middle management staff can be in the open air or in public offices (for example, every department of the company can sit in a separate room). Experience shows that most companies still prefer to offices with separate rooms for 4-7 people, rather than a large space, separated by partitions. The main problem of the second option - the noise. In addition, not all psychologically easy to work in an open space, separated by partitions, employees may not have enough isolation.


In the office is good to have a small kitchen in whichwill be cooler, coffee maker and microwave. Quite a few prefer to dine in the office, bringing food from home. The optimum amount depends on the number of toilets personnel. On average, seven people should be one toilet.

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