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How to organize an office


How to organize an office</a>

How you organize your office space will depend on the work of your entire company. Sometimes it seems that it does not really matter who sits where and what the height of the partition between the workstations.

However, most often this is not so.

Office as a house: every little thing matters.



On the one hand, the office should be cozy for those,Who works in it. But do not forget that the office - it's still not a living room. Comfort should not exclude mobility and simplicity, because companies do not so rarely move. Fanciful details and bulky furniture will only make your move more difficult.


Work in human life takes at leastThird of the time. Therefore, it is important that the office maintains ideal physical conditions for work: fresh air, comfortable temperature, sufficient lighting. If you rent an office of class A (ie, the most expensive class), then, as a rule, these problems have already been resolved, because in such offices there is always a good system of air conditioning, lighting and heating. If your office is far from the high class, you will have to bring it closer to the ideal by buying and installing an air conditioner, maintaining the temperature at + 19 + 25 C and sufficient humidity.


How you organize the allocation of cabinetsBetween employees, what space you will take for negotiation depends primarily on your business. However, there are several general rules for any office.

The receptionist is well placed directly opposite the door. It will be like a "face" of the office for clients and job seekers. To the left or to the right of the reception it is possible to organize a negotiation room so as not to lead a client or competitor through the entire office for negotiations and not interfere with other employees. In addition, customers do not necessarily need to know how your office is organized.


Similarly, to the left or to the right of the receptionDepending on where you will have a meeting room) is to install a door leading to the actual office space. It can, if you wish, be divided into many small offices or remain an open space with small partitions between the workstations. The key personnel of the company in any case should have their own offices, while junior staff and middle-level staff can be in the open space or in common offices (for example, each department of the company can sit in a separate office). Experience shows that most companies still prefer offices with separate offices for 4-7 people, rather than with a large space, separated by partitions. The main problem of the second option is noise. In addition, it is not psychologically convenient for all to work in an open space, separated by partitions, employees may lack the isolation.


In the office it is good to have a small kitchen in whichThere will be a cooler, a coffee maker and a microwave. Quite a few prefer to eat lunch in the office, bringing food from home. The optimum number of bathrooms depends on the number of staff. On average, there must be one bathroom for seven people.

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