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How to organize training process

How to organize training process

The educational process is the mainactivities in educational institutions of different levels. His organization has been Deputy Head (Director - the school, the head - in kindergarten, etc.) in educational work.

From competent organization of the activity of all participants of educational process depends on the final outcome of teaching children.



Select a training program in accordance withwhich his learning process. The program should be classified by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for admission to use in these schools. In addition, the program must be realistically achievable.


consider the contingent of children when choosing a program,who are trained in your school. Not always programs for Muscovites work in provincial cities. Relate the specifics of your environment with the requirements of the program. Include regional component.


On the basis of the curriculum make up trainingplan. It should be optimized to avoid excessive stress on children. The plan includes work with children (students), working with parents (families), working with the teaching staff. This approach will provide the unification of all the participants of the pedagogical process in order to achieve full results in teaching children.


Provide conditions for the implementation of the selectedprograms. First of all, pick up the necessary expertise. The percentage of the level of professionalism personnel structure must comply with the declared category of your school.


In addition, ensure the presence of allnecessary educational equipment for teaching (textbooks, workbooks, teaching aids, laboratory equipment, technical equipment, etc.).


To monitor the effectiveness of teaching children,develop diagnostic tools (ready-made diagnostic tasks presented in some educational programs). At least once per school year spend diagnostics knowledge, skills and abilities of children. Typically, it is conducted at the end of the school year. The results of the diagnostic survey will allow students to see the shortcomings in time and apply corrective measures.

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