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How to organize the department

From the proper organization of the work of each unit depends on many things

Suppose your organization became necessary to create a new department, and that you entrusted to organize his work.

The correct organization of work of each division and a lot depends in the first place - the productivity of labor.

And this figure, in turn, is closely linked to how many employees will work in your department and what is their maximum output.



Analyze the problem to be addressed to employees departmentTaking into account every detail. To do this, you need to clearly understand that your department will receive the input and what is expected of him at the exit. Make a list of the most important cases to be addressed.


Think about how many employees and whatqualification, you will need to successfully complete the tasks, consider the features that will fulfill each and their degree of importance. Depending on the make up of the staffing required for the indication of each place of education and work experience, consider the potential for each location salaries and material incentives system.


Create a job description for each job, according to which you will predyavlyat requirements for the work of their employees.


Collect the required minimum of staff in orderto get started. Do not fill once those rates, which are linked to key posts. Consider the financial capacity of the organization, but do not forget that for maximum impact, every employee must be provided with a working space and everything you need for tools and equipment.


Teach one of its employees, whois your deputy, all the basic principles of work, so that he brought it to the attention of all the others. Consider the system of responsibility of each and the ability to control all work processes.


start activities department, Adjusting its operation in the process of picking anddeserving employees in key positions. As necessary, supplementing the job descriptions and create new staff positions, train staff. Your work should be useful for the organization as a whole and be profitable, so after a while you have to come to the optimal variant of your organization department and you will just have to maintain it in this state.

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