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How to organize a human cremation

Cremation, from an environmental point of view, does less harm to the environment

Cremation - burial method based on the burning of the dead body. A person may give a mandate to death that way to dispose of his body.

Cremated or buried in the traditional way - the choice is to make a family.

Pros and cons of cremation

In Russia, only a few cities havecrematorium. According to statistics, 45% of residents use the organization's services. Cremation is considered to be a cheaper way of burial than the tradition of the land, or embalming, as well as causing less harm to the environment. Opponents of burning dead bodies consider this process less emotional. No chance to see how the person buried in the ground, and say goodbye to him.

If a person does not want the death of his body rotted in the ground, it can bequeath to cremate himself and deliberately describe what to do with the ashes.

crematorium ovens

In crematoria for burning using specialfurnace. The temperature in them is 800-1000. That's enough to the human body crumbled into small pieces. The deceased was placed in a container or casket made of combustible material, and fed into the furnace. The entire procedure takes 80-120 minutes, if we are talking about adults. Relatives may be present during combustion, and before and after the event to say goodbye to the deceased. It argued that ash remains from the body. But this is not the case, the body breaks down into small pieces. All processes are automated in the crematorium, the man only managed computer. After the burning of the remains must cool down, and only then put the ashes in an urn.

How to dispose of the remains

Human remains are stored in a crematorium untillong as the family does not decide what to do with them. It can be buried in the ground or dispel the dust in the space provided. In crematoria already sold everything needed for a farewell ceremony for incineration. All segments of the population can benefit from the goods and services at a reasonable price. Funeral urns are made of bronze, ceramic or wood. It can then be placed in a columbarium, or buried in the cemetery.

While the relatives to decide what to do with the remains, the ashes in urns stored in special freezers.

The Orthodox Church understands thecremation. Russian cities are growing, becoming smaller places that you can allocate to the cemetery. How many people die every day, then their bodies decompose, releasing toxic substances that poison the drinking water and the earth. ROC does not prevent the burning of bodies in the ovens of the crematorium, as it is not contrary to the Orthodox canons. Proof is to conduct services at the funeral service priests directly to the crematoria.

The furnace in the crematoria must meet allinternational standards. It has two chambers, one of them occurs burning body, while the other remains of burned gases and harmful impurities. The output is dust without odor.

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