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How to organize the collection of information

How to organize the collection of information

He who owns the information, owns everything, this old truth is relevant to this day.

In order to draw the correct conclusions, it is necessary to organize the collection of information.

Search the information you need on the Internet has its own characteristics that must be taken into account.

You will need

  • - Catalogs resursov-
  • - search engines.



Rate are facing the problem and youspecify the specific objectives. The more precisely you define them, the easier it will be to organize the work. For example, you decide to find out which browsers and operating systems are the most popular among internet users. The very formulation of the problem involves fairly extensive research as the sample needs to be done by the countries - after all user preferences in different countries may vary. In that case, if we are talking about the same country, the task is greatly simplified.


Organize the collection of information in the aboveExample two ways. The first - a traditional survey. It should be placed on popular forums for the voting form so that users can choose the desired answers. The second option is based on the technical possibilities: information about the browser and operating system will be recorded automatically when entering a page with a script installed on it, collecting the necessary information. Note that in the examples described, you spend the necessary research yourself, and do not look for ready-made information on the subject.


Not all the information can be collected through surveys. Many studies require painstaking work in a network with a visit of hundreds of sites from which gather the necessary data. This type of research is called datamayningom - from the words of data (data) and mining (mining). First, it collects the necessary material on the basis of which has already made specific findings of the analysis.


When searching for information on the Internet firstspecify its sources. As a rule, many people immediately turn to search engines, but is wise to first look catalogs of resources. So, if you are conducting a study in the Russian segment of the network, it can be directories or mail.ru Yandex. For studies on the entire expanse of the Internet look catalogs Yahoo !, Open Directory Project. Thanks to information from the directory you can find the famous sources of the information you need.


If the data from the directory did not give the desiredresults, refer to the search engines. The most convenient is the search engine Google, as it has a very convenient opportunity refine your search. So, if you need to present a word in the issued request, precede it with a plus sign. If the word, on the contrary, it is necessary to exclude from the query, precede it with a minus. For example, you need to find a specific model of laptop manufacturer, let it be Acer. Then type in "Notebooks + Acer» search engine query string. Conversely, if you want to exclude this model from the manufacturer SERPs, type in the search bar "Notebooks -Acer». Google has many similar features to make them read the relevant instructions on the search service. More detailed information about searching with Google you can get by viewing the links on request «Google hacking."

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