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How to organize the business of selling

To organize the business of selling a product, you'll need to solve four main problems

Every business is unique and unrepeatable.

However, any business selling products have common features, the solution of which depends on your success.

It is not a formal organizational moments, registration with the tax authorities and other bureaucratic procedures that you can go at any time.

To organize the business of selling goods, you will need to resolve, at least four major problems.



In effect, if any circuit to simplify businessand to sell anything, it will be reduced to the answer to two basic questions :? Find where buy-
? Find who sell-on the two basesstrung all the other factors that will eventually boil down to routine work and may be assigned to salaried artists. For example, a systematic search for cheaper suppliers, more lucrative offers lease, the constant expansion of the range of products, optimization of related businessat cost and so on.


If you have successfully solved the main issues found suppliers in the negotiations to get a competitive price, and also see good opportunities for this product, it's time to plunge into business detail. Usually it involves the resale of goods availability of its long-term storage. Look for deals on hotels and warehouses and various storage rooms, technical conditions which (heat, humidity, light) suit the specifics of your product.


The next thing that will require your attention, to properly organize business on sale? This merchandising. It breaks down into two components :? Delivery of goods from supplier to you-
? Delivery from you depending on the specific pokupatelyam.V businessand each of these components could theoreticallyboth carried out at the expense of the other party, and absent altogether, if you, for example, organize retail sales. At the same time if the supplier makes the delivery of the goods himself, then its value will be incorporated in the selling price. As well as your shipping buyers raise the price of shipping. Therefore, at the initial stage of formation businessand for the sale of goods, when you're just entering the market, it is important to find the right balance between their own and other people's interests. After all, in fact, every business - It is not only the ability to work, but also, above all, the ability to communicate and negotiate with people.

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