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How to organize training on occupational safety and health

How to organize training on occupational safety and health

labor protection specialist regularlyinduction training for newly found new company employees, organizes the primary instruction in the workplace, training controls during the first 2-14 shifts and is scheduled training for professionals and staff working skills to plan training.



Induction is carried out when applying forwork. According to the program, developed by an engineer on a labor safety and approved by the head of the company, held a lecture to go to work. Instruction takes place in the office of a labor protection specialist and they also recorded conducted training in a special logbook induction in the prescribed form.


According to the approved program, the head ofWorks conducts primary instruction in the workplace. After that holds the oral test of knowledge and practical excercise methods and safe work skills. Registers in a special journal report on the briefing held in the prescribed form.


Every six months the workers, took place primary instruction, listen lectures again. Then also tested for the absorption of the acquired knowledge and skills.


In the event of changes in the existinginstructions, as well as in situations of unforeseen calendar of training, but because of the circumstances which are a necessity for labor protection engineer for conducting unscheduled coaching staff.


When the one-time jobs, which are nothave a direct relationship to the employee's duties, carry out targeted training. Admission to the implementation of a different kind of work can be obtained by having the work permit or other type of document specified in the enterprise, allowing the production of this type of work.


During the 2-14 hour shifts, the incoming employeeI am obliged to undergo training under the supervision of persons appointed by order of the company's management. For internship allowed workers who have passed the primary instruction in the workplace.


Depending on the profession, which is claimedspecialist or work for the attestation, you may need additional training. Thus, according to the rules of attestation for the electrician, a person needs to listen to a lecture about the electrical and walk after listening tests.

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