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How to establish production


How to establish production</a>

The decision to open production by yourself should be based on a firm belief that the products you are going to produce will be in demand on the market.

Therefore, to invest in the organization of a new production enterprise is guided by the results of a deep market research.

And only after finding that kind of product that is represented on the market is clearly not enough, you can take the first steps towards making the consumer happy.

You will need

  • The room equipped with the necessary utilities
  • Set of equipment
  • Arrangement with suppliers of raw materials and consumables
  • Package of constituent and permissive documents



Rent a room, already holding in mind the mainComponents of the process of production and further movement of finished products. At your disposal should be the area under the shop? Time, under the warehouse? Two, and you will have to store not only what you produce, but also raw materials, which can be very diverse. In addition, in the mind it is worthwhile to build a probable logistic chain in advance? Take the products from your warehouse and bring up the raw materials should be convenient, and therefore make sure that the access road you have chosen is accessed by sufficient access routes.


Find out what technical equipment is requiredTo organize the production of your chosen type of products. Buy the necessary equipment, bearing in mind that at the initial stage of high production capacity you do not need to achieve anything? First your project must pass a payback test. Perhaps, for the operation of the equipment, specialized engineering communications will be required.


Study the market of those materials that youWill be needed to produce products as raw materials. Choose the suppliers that are most convenient for your purposes (price and delivery features), start establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with them. With the supply of raw materials, there should be no interruptions, therefore, in the work of your partners, stability is important first.


Hire, based on technological featuresYour future enterprise, the minimum staff. In the management of production, staff play a significant role, but the needs of each individual enterprise and the requirements for its staffing can be very diverse. Simple production (and it will be the same at initial stages) will be serviced only by working personnel, but as it grows, the need for engineering and technical workers will necessarily arise.


Gather everything you need to openProduction and its operation documents. Some products do not require certification, but their production? Compulsory licensing. But in any case, in order to use the premises equipped for production for your activity, you need to first approve them? Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspection (sometimes also other technical inspections and environmental services).

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