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How to set up production

The decision to open his own production should be based on the firm belief that the products you are going to produce, will be in demand in the market.

Therefore, investing in the organization of a new manufacturing facility is guided by the results of in-depth market research.

Only by finding the type of product, which is represented on the market it is not enough, you can take the first steps on the road to make happy customers.

You will need

  • The room is equipped with the necessary utilities
  • The set of equipment
  • The agreement with the suppliers of raw materials and consumables
  • The package of constituent documents and permits



Rent a room, already keeping in mind the basiccomponents of the production process and further movement of the finished product. At your disposal there should be an area for the shop? time as a warehouse? two, the store will not only what you produce, but also raw materials, which can be very diverse. In addition, in the mind it is pre-build the likely supply chain? pick up the products from your warehouse and to bring up the raw materials should be comfortable, so make sure that you selected to a room were driveways sufficient bandwidth.


Find out what the technical equipment requiredfor production of selected types of products. Purchase the required set of equipment, bearing in mind that the initial high production capacity you seek to anything? first your project should be tested for payback. Perhaps, for the operation of the equipment it requires specialized engineering services.


Explore the market of the materials that youneeded for the production of products as raw materials. Choose the most suitable for your purposes suppliers (price and features of the delivery), begin to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with them. With the supply of raw materials should be no interruptions, so the stability of your partners is important above all.


Hire based on the technological featuresyour future business, a minimum staff. The production personnel management plays a significant role, but the needs of each company and its staffing requirements for equipment can be quite varied. Simple production (such as it is in the initial stages and will) can support only one operating personnel, but as it grows the need for engineers and technical workers will arise necessarily.


Collect all necessary to openproduction and operation of its documents. Some products do not require certification, and their production? compulsory licensing. But in any case, to use for your business premises equipped for production, you need to first it? Approved? Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspection (sometimes also other technical inspection and environmental services).

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