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How to organize a wedding exit registration

How to organize a wedding exit registration

More and more newlyweds want to spend an exit check, because it is very beautiful and romantic.

How to organize the ceremony and what difficulties you may encounter.

First of all it is worth noting that the officialregister still have in the registry office, as under the law, a book about the civil registry should not leave the limits of the institution. This is corrected by regional laws, that is, it depends on the city. For example, in Moscow there are a number of established places where you can make a formal registration in St. Petersburg is not possible, unless you want to break the law.
So often to the registration in the registry office a coupleIt applies only as a formality, but a real wedding ceremony suit in the place where they want: in an elegant palace in the restaurant, in the conservatory, on the boat, on the nature of the lake or bay, on the roof.

What is the exit check.
This staging the action, where the Registrar actorread the text, the young swear allegiance to and exchange rings. Set decorated arch, it splits carpet strewn with rose petals, guests sit on either side of the tracks on a beautiful chair. After the ceremony, all waiting for a wedding banquet or buffet.

Marriage registration has many advantages: you can choose any convenient for you celebration date is very nice and dedicated only to you, you do not feel just "one of the" string of newlyweds (this is especially important for the bride). You can also show imagination in the writing of the text, write a personalized script, arrange guests draw - lots of options. In addition, you will get amazing photos in the memory.

What is included in the price.
1. First of all, this is the site for rent. Some restaurants offer a place for visiting the registration at no extra charge when ordering from them the banquet.
2. The cost of the decorated arches and chairs (chairs can also be provided by the restaurant for free, otherwise they will have to rent and bring).
3. Other decoration: carpet, floral arrangements along the walkway, rose petals, etc..
4. Work registrar.
5. Musical accompaniment. This can be saxophone, violin, harp, musical duo or trio.

In St. Petersburg the cost of on-site registration "turnkey" is an average of 20 000 to 50 000 rubles.

Where to begin.
It is advisable to start with the choice of restaurants,since many restaurants do offer this service, moreover, only work with their organizers. If the restaurant does not offer this, there are many agencies that are engaged in on-site registration and are happy to offer you options and scenarios.

What else can ruin your mood.
In addition to the increased budget for the wedding, evenIt can be an unpleasant surprise weather. Of course, for true love rain is not a hindrance, and the ceremony under umbrellas can even add extra oomph, but in case of rain with strong wind, you have to change clothes for the subsequent banquet. And walking is not very pleasant on the wet sand or grass to your guests.
Therefore, if the open-air ceremony is planned, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of transferring its "under roof" or installation of the tent.

In any case, visiting registration will be remembered to you and your guests with its beauty. A small troubles will not spoil the mood of love in this beautiful day.

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