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How to organize a wedding in the style of Provence

How to organize a wedding in the style of Provence

Spring and summer - the time of love and weddings. If you have already received a marriage proposal from her beloved, then you have already set about preparing your holiday.

So why not organize a wedding in the style of Provence?

The ideal solution would be to make an exitceremony outdoors anywhere in the country. However, if this is not possible, and in the room you can arrange a wedding in Provence style. Special holiday atmosphere create wooden or wicker furniture, linen tablecloths with lace napkins, kerosene lamps, vintage vases, candles and flowers.

Pay special attention to the color scheme. The basic shades must be off-white, beige, olive, lavender, milk, light blue. Feature olive wedding: lots of bouquets of flowers everywhere. They are in very different dishes as vases: cups, ceramic and clay pots, galvanized and painted white bucket decorated with bottles and cans. The main decoration of course should be lavender - a symbol of the French province of Provence, hence the name of the style.

Olive Bride - delicate, refined andnatural. She has a bright long, simple dress decorated with lace. Splayed hair or big curls on the head wreath of wild flowers and a veil. The dress of the bride can be supplemented with a lace shawl and vintage jewelry. Completes a bouquet of wild flowers and dried flowers.

The bride must also be dressed in light colors,undesirable dark at a wedding in the style of Provence. Bridegroom suit free linen suit with pastel colors, instead of a tie, you can use a scarf. not forbidden cell and strip in the suit. Boutonniere should be combined with a bouquet of the bride.

Provence is famous for its spices, honey and cheese. Therefore, on the wedding table can be fed meals that include these ingredients. Always a good French wine, a variety of salads and grilled meats. Meals can be decorated with sprigs of lavender, to add them to a real olive flavor. The cake is better to entrust the confectioner-Frenchman. Decorated with lavender flowers, it will be the culmination of an unforgettable holiday.

Wedding in the style of Provence dolzhka be asnatural, gentle and romantic. The ideal continuation of this holiday would be a honeymoon in the very province of Provence. It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times right?

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