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How to organize a tire

How to organize a tire

Every year the number of cars on the roads of the country increased at lightning speed. It is becoming the norm in the family have not one, but two or more cars.

Therefore, the organization is likely to tire could become a stable and profitable business.

However, making a business plan, it should take into account the seasonality of demand, as most of the orders for the tire mounting operation comes in late autumn and early spring.



Your business asindividual private companies or limited liability companies. This type of activity is not subject to licensing or mandatory certification. Think about pricing and range of services that will provide your workshop.


The choice of location has a commercialsignificance. Tire desirable to place near a large garage complex, gas stations or near a busy roadway. It should also take into account the presence of competitors in the selected area. The close proximity will not benefit either of you. In addition, you need to provide easy access and parking lot. Required floor space in the middle is 40-50 square meters and are usually taken in rent from the owner.


You will need a set of equipment which should meet the needs not only directly tireBut also additional services such asbalancing and wheel pump. The equipment includes a tire changer, wheel balancer, a compressor, a vulcanizer, and tools and supplies. Now on the market you can find a lot of proposals for integrated tire shop equipment, including semi-automatic and automatic versions. To buy tires, you can at the official manufacturers and dealers.


The staff is usually recruited on an ad throughvocational schools that train machinists, or specialized courses. For the organization of the smooth operation of a small tire shop is enough 2-4 persons. It is important to ensure a decent quality of service. Employees must have a neat appearance, clean uniforms and be able to communicate with customers.


Make a sign indicating the "Tire" or"Tire shop" appropriate size and color so that it stood out from the surrounding objects and was visible to motorists, moving in both directions of the road. Also it is necessary to print leaflets with information about the workshop and to distribute them to the nearest gas stations to it, car parks, in shops and in other places where cars.

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