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How to organize a surprise

How to organize a surprise

Lately, not much can surprise the average person. Whether it's even a gift for his birthday or just a surprise.

It is necessary to something to distinguish himself, to remain long in the memory.



To make a memorable surprise, to bebit original. It is not enough that all came from the soul (although this important fact). It is important to know the small details of life: hobbies, lifestyle, favorite things, etc. From every detail, we provide a great and memorable gift. But in this case, if you know a person. And if not, you can either rely on their own intuition, or to find out a little about the person and on this basis to make small terminals for further thinking through greetings plan. However, you can think of many such plans, but some of which will help to develop imagination and come up with even more original greetings.


Most guys do all their favorite girlspossible ways different hearts: spread of the stones, candles, etc. It would seem that much more original? But you can always find something new. If the surprise is in the room, then to the heart, laid out of the candles on the table, you can add a slow music. Or, put a fountain instead of music, which is quite small in size. Turn off the lights, and then the water will be poured beautifully from a small spark of light.


Excellent surprise can be made from scrapmeans. If you bought a gift and wrap it to go, but you still have an old gift wrap, then turn it in several layers, and put a small piece of paper with greetings between them. The gift will be beautifully packaged outside and inside also will wait for a surprise.


You can make your own hands from different figurespaper. Let it be flowers, birds, animals, etc. If there will be a lot, it will look very original. If the poster is drawn, in addition to their own figures, paste pictures of celebrities or just ridiculous pictures. Make a picture of the matches, and the top will paste any image.


The Birthday print photobirthday and hang wherever the person goes. Next to the picture write the request for congratulation man. To come up with a great surprise, you need to have just a little bit of desire for its implementation, as well as a number of standard items or items that will be able to inspire a surprising gift.

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