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How to organize a surprise


How to organize a surprise</a>

In recent times, it is not enough to surprise an ordinary person. Whether it's even a birthday present or just a surprise.

It is necessary to distinguish something in order to stay in memory for a long time.



To make an unforgettable surprise, you need to beSlightly original. It is not enough that everything goes from the heart (although this is an important fact). It is important to know small details about a person's life: hobbies, lifestyle, favorite things, etc. Based on every little thing, you can organize an excellent and unforgettable gift. But this is the case if you are familiar with the person. And if not, then you can either rely on your own intuition, or find out a little about a person and on this basis make small conclusions for further thinking over the plan for congratulation. However, you can come up with such plans, but here is some part that will help develop the imagination and come up with even more original congratulations.


Often guys make their beloved girls allPossible ways different hearts: spread out from stones, candles, etc. It would seem, where is even more original? But you can always find something new. If the surprise is done indoors, then to the heart laid out from the candles on the table, you can add slow music. Or instead of the music put a fountain, which is quite small. Turn off the light, and then the water will beautifully pour from the small light of the candles.


An excellent surprise can be made from helpersMeans. If you bought a gift, and there is nowhere to wrap it, but you still have an old gift paper, then fold it into several layers, and between them put small pieces of paper with congratulations. The gift will be beautifully packaged from the outside, and inside it will also be waiting for a surprise.


With your hands, you can make different figures fromPaper. Let it be flowers, birds, animals, etc. If there are a lot of them, it will look very original. If a poster is drawn, then in addition to your drawings, glue photos of celebrities or just funny pictures. Make a picture of the matches, and paste some image on top.


Print your photo on your birthdayBirthday and hang where the person walks. Next to the photo, write a request for congratulations. To come up with an excellent surprise, you need to have only a little desire for its implementation, as well as a set of ordinary things or objects that can inspire the creation of an amazing gift.

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