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How to organize a separate holiday

How to organize a separate holiday

A trip in the company of a couple of dozen countrymen and dense excursion program will please not every traveler.

If you prefer to explore a new country alone, or want to visit the familiar place for you, where you are guided perfectly without a guide, organize a trip by yourself.

housing Search

By selecting the country and city where you want togo, podyschu a place to live. Thanks to the Internet you are spending one or two hours, you can get acquainted with dozens of hotels, inns and hostels located in the resort, find out the cost of accommodation and appreciate the interior, as well as read reviews of visitors. Choosing for themselves a comfortable temporary home, book a room on the numbers you need, or just buy it back for the whole period.
Hotel - not the only option. You can, arrived at the place, rent an apartment or a room from a local resident. If you are going is not a large city, and are looking to relax in nature, are not afraid of mosquitoes and life outside of civilization - bring your tent. And fans of new acquaintances may shortly before a trip up one of the sites where travelers from different countries offer a free stay in their homes.

Purchase tickets

Unless you do not want to go to hiscar, you need to buy tickets for a train or plane. The sooner you attend to transport, the more chances you have to buy a flight ticket. Of course, there is a chance to buy a ticket for a small amount right before the flight, but hardly worth risking your holiday.
Want to save - look for forumssites where travelers are looking for a travel, ready to share their travel expenses. Finding people going to the same country as you, and who have too much space in the car, you can save considerably.


In order to enter and stay in some countries youYou need a visa. The requirements needed to obtain it, in different countries may vary, and it is better to clarify on the Embassy website. Most likely, you will need to present a passport, a confirmation number at the payment, where you plan to stay, tickets, proof of employment, bank statement, photo and a completed application form.

Excursion program

In order not to spend some leisure, leafing throughguides or browsing websites on the Internet, in advance, make a sightseeing program. Read about the country where you are going to select a place that you will certainly want to visit, mark them on the map. You can also find out in advance about the best beaches, cafes, shops and clubs, not to get lost in an unfamiliar place. If necessary, purchase a phrase book for you to have at least some ability to communicate with the local population. Now you are ready to go.

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