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How to organize a puppet theater

How to organize a puppet theater

Puppet theater at all times - is not only fun for adults and children, but also educational, therapeutic, educational activities for children.

It turns out that a toy is easy to arrange presentation of the house by as spectators closest relatives and friends.

How to organize a puppet theater?



Construct a scene. Screens can be made very simple: pull the rope in the middle of the room and hang it on a piece of cloth or a light blanket. If you need something to put on the stage, put a flat board and perekin'te through her blanket between the back of the chair. Top in this case, you can put any decorations, toys, artificial forest. The finished scene can be issued bows, paper hearts, drawings, fish.


Pick dolls to represent. There are many different toys can be purchased for the theater: puppets trostevye, finger. But the most popular form - dolls gloves are worn on the arm. Such toys sold in stores as one, and for lots of different stories.


You can make a puppet, worn on the hand,on its own! To do this, fit unnecessary in the household gloves and socks, which will need to embroider the eyes, nose, mouth, decorate the resulting face hair from threads. The main thing that was the size of a toy hand puppet master.

Make a toy made of fabric. To get the pattern, put his hand on the paper and draw a pencil. The hand should be in such form, as if it is wearing a doll: the index finger looks up, big and little finger - spread out to the sides, the other fingers pursed. On the template make allowances on each side at a rate of one centimeter for joints. Now grab a thick cloth, soft and pleasant to the touch. Tailor two dolls gloves and sew them together. As a head, you can use a ball made by papier-mâché or borrow this part of the old unwanted toys.


Invent scenario. It is possible to build on the well-known fairy tales or invent something original. The younger the participants of the play, the easier it should work. The child can be initially to entrust the role with a minimum of words, and then complicate his party. When the script is ready, choose the appropriate sets and costumes for dolls.


Find sound effects to represent. You can record music on a separate disk, enable or disable it at the right time.


Arrange a rehearsal of the play, where every puppeteer could repeat his own party words, to practice in collaboration with a toy to the public prior to the submission.


When you are ready for the premiere, erecting of the chairsauditorium. You can make a toy puppet show tickets, make a mini buffet with drinks and popcorn. The main thing is that all participants received a home performance from the process a maximum of pleasure.

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