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How to organize a puppet theater


How to organize a puppet theater</a>

Puppet theater at all times is not only entertainment for adults and children, but also an educational, therapeutic, cognitive event for the child.

It turns out that it is easy to arrange a toy presentation at home, choosing as the spectators the closest relatives and friends.

How to organize a puppet theater?



Build the scene. The screen can be made very simply: pull the rope in the middle of the room and hang a piece of cloth on it or a light blanket. If it is necessary to put something on the stage, then put a flat board between the backs of the chairs and throw a rug over it. On top in this case, you can put any decorations, toys, artificial wood. Ready stage can be decorated with bows, paper hearts, drawings, fish.


Pick up the dolls for presentation. Many different toys can be purchased for the theater: puppets, cane, finger. But the most popular type is the glove-dolls that are put on hand. Such toys are sold in stores, both one by one, and a series for various fairy tales.


You can make dolls, put on the arm,On your own! To do this, fit unnecessary on the farm gloves and socks, which will need to embroider eyes, nose, mouth, decorate the resulting face with hair from the thread. The main thing is that the toy should be the size of the puppeteer's hand.

Make a toy out of cloth. To get a pattern, put the palm on the paper and circle it with a pencil. The hand should be in such a way as if a doll is put on it: the index finger is looking up, the big one and the little finger are spread out to the sides, the other fingers are pinched. On the scale make allowances on the sides in the amount of one centimeter for the seams. Now take a dense fabric, soft and pleasant to the touch. Cut the two pieces of the glove doll and sew them together. As a head, you can use a ball made by the papier-mache method or borrow this part from an old unnecessary toy.


Think up a script. It is possible to take as a basis all well-known fairy tales or to compose something original. The younger the performance, the simpler the work. The child can at first trust the role with a minimum of words, and then complicate his party. When the script is ready, select suitable scenery and costumes for dolls.


Find the sound effects for the view. You can record the music on a separate disc, turn it on and off at the right time.


Arrange the rehearsal of the play, where each puppet master can repeat his batch of words, practice with the toy before presentation to the public.


When everything is ready for the premiere, build out of the chairsauditorium. You can make toy tickets for a puppet show, make a mini-buffet with drinks and popcorn. The main thing is that all the participants of the domestic play receive maximum pleasure from the process.

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