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How to organize a holiday at sea


How to organize a holiday at sea</a>

If the idea of ​​a good rest is inseparably connected with the sea, you can take care of it yourself.

To exclude unexpected trouble and be sure that the vacation will not be overshadowed by anything, you need to organize a holiday at sea in advance and begin preparing for the trip in the spring.



Calculate and determine your financialcapabilities. Your main expenses will be travel to the chosen resort town, the cost of living, food and leisure. In these expenses, if necessary, you can include such an article as treatment. Many Black Sea resorts offer such a service - on vacation you can do your health.


Based on the composition of costs, calculate the costTravel and accommodation for one person. Please note that tickets for both the train and the plane will be 1.5-2 times more expensive in the summer. Based on their capabilities, determine where you will live - in a hotel, boarding house or private sector.


If you want to save, then choose a privatesector. On the Internet you can find a lot of ads where the owners of inexpensive rooms located in the courtyard of individual houses offer summer vacations. Call or call them, find out the price. Specify, whether it is possible to organize a food. Some of the private owners already offer their guests breakfast and dinner, which will be included in the cost of living. Others can provide you with a stove, dishes and a room in which you can prepare yourself from products purchased in the store and on the market.


Kitchens for guests are offered and somePrivate hotels. Using this opportunity, you will minimize your food costs, and, at the same time, the risk of poisoning with poor-quality food in some dining room. The quality of the food itself will be the same as that you are used to at home. If you eat in coastal cafes and restaurants, the expenditure on this article will be about 1-1.5 thousand rubles a day per person.


Book a place with a private person or in a hotelIn advance. Owners, however, can request an advance payment, but this is in your interests - you will be sure that after arriving on the appointed day to the place, you will find your room empty and prepared for your arrival. And do not forget to buy tickets in advance, do not delay their purchase on the last turn.


Having decided on accommodation and meals, calculate the money for leisure. This includes the cost of tours, visits to water parks, other attractions and, of course, evening restaurants.


Such a serious approach to organizing aThe sea will allow you to calmly plan your vacation and cash. You will be sure that you will not have to run around looking for an apartment, and then - in search of a place where you can eat. In addition, by booking accommodation in advance, you can choose the suitable rooms with all amenities closer to the sea.

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