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How to organize a concert of his rock band

How to organize a concert of his rock band

How to organize a presentation of its own music band and make a profit.

You will need

  • - Phone.
  • - The Internet.
  • - Promotional materials: studio recordings, live-video, photos.



The demo recording. It is necessary to know in advance what kind of sound you want to get a result. Rate recording of other groups, find out what the studio and recorded a sound engineer your favorite tracks. Carefully rehearse a song, think of all the details. It is better to write a perfect composition, than low-quality album.


Record video from rehearsal or concert. It is possible to mount a video with your presentation for up to three minutes, which included his best moments.


Make a list of sites for the concert in your city:
- Consider where your city is usually live music.
- Find out where already have the necessary equipment for presentations or where and how much it can be rented.
- Determine where people usually go, members of your target audience.
- Make a list, starting from the most suitable schools for your concert.
- Additional selection criteria: acoustics, proximity to downtown, the prestige of the institution, the cost of rent and the prices on the menu, the presence of the scene, etc.


Arrange a presentation:
- Call the best director immediately. Most likely, the final decision is made by him. If this is not possible, then negotiate the art director, the administrator.
- Tell us about the benefits that he will receive: a percentage of the ticket, the profit from the deposit, full house, advertising places.
- Say that send him your promotional materials, and agree, when he will be able to view them.
- Arrange a personal meeting to discuss the details.


Select the date and time of the concert. Make sure that this day happened as little as possible activities that are similar in theme to yours.


Advertising activities.
- Write-quality preview. List the pros, who will receive a visitor at your concert (show pen as a gift, an autograph, a photo, etc.).
- Create a "meeting", "VKontakte". Let your friends do repost with positive comments. You can arrange a share - a ticket as a present for the largest number repost.
- LAYOUT posters.
- Try to encourage the purchase of tickets in advance.

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