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How to organize a charity concert

How to organize a charity concert

Charity concerts are a sign of awareness of society, people's desire to help the disadvantaged.

Although they can not completely solve the existing problems, but they do around the world a little better and kinder.



Charity concert involves gatheringmeans someone's help. Decide who you want to help organizing the event. Contact one of the organizations involved in charity work in your city. Typically, they are interested in by any assistance. Together, determine the theme of the concert and the purpose for which will be organized event. For example, the collection of funds for the treatment of a sick child or help an orphanage.


Find a room for the concert. Refer to the house of culture, clubs and cafes. Some of them are interested not so much in order to obtain benefits, but because of personal compassion and desire to help. If you are having difficulty finding a place for a concert, contact the Committee on Youth, or other organization that can assist in resolving the issue.


Agree with those wishing to speak atcharity concert. In advance, make a rough plan of what you want to see during a performance. This will help avoid the confusion of the event. For performances attract music groups, drama studios, poets, amateur groups. Check out their creativity, to not work incidents during the event.


Take the information support of the concert. Send out a letter with the announcement in the local newspapers and TV channels. If you have friends journalists, ask them to assist as far as possible. Try to get a response as subjects in the media to help disseminate information. The same applies to advertising - billboards spread use of Internet.


Try to find sponsorship. It can be expressed in the promotion of the organization of the concert, cover some material expenses (eg, rent premises and equipment), the allocation of funds.

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