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How to order free samples of perfumes and creams


How to order free samples of perfumes and creams</a>

Before you buy a cream or fragrance, it is advisable to use a product probe to avoid disappointment from the purchase.

This is quite easy to do, because now there are lots of ways to get free samples.

Where can I find free samples?

To receive samplers of creams and spirits it is possibleIn several ways. First, the samplers are put in magazines. In addition to cosmetic products themselves, coupons periodically appear there, which can be exchanged in stores for full-size bottles and tubes of waste and decorative cosmetics. More often than not, they are luxury goods, not a cheap mass market.
Secondly, the samplers can be obtained free of charge in perfume shops and pharmacies. More often they are given at purchase, but sometimes it is possible to ask simply samplers of production at the pharmacist or the seller-adviser.
Thirdly, the probes can be ordered and receivedby mail. In order to attract buyers, large cosmetic companies very often send out free samples of their products for testing. In order to learn about the upcoming mailing, you need to regularly monitor the official websites of companies - manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumes. Search should be sections with the inscription "testing" or "free sample." On the sites of English sites you should search for free sample.

You can search for probes on the Internet yourself, but it's better to join a community or a group that unites the so-called "freebie lovers". So you are definitely one of the first to learn about all new promotions.

How to order samplers?

It's not enough to find a site where you can orderSamplers of creams and perfumes, you still need to fill out the order form correctly. If the distribution of samples is made by a Russian company, there should not be any difficulties. The form is filled in Russian, usually asked to indicate the full name, home address, telephone number and e-mail address. Sometimes the organizers of the action ask to answer a number of uncomplicated questions concerning the company's products.
Most often, free trial mailingArrange for foreign companies, and here in this case there can be a number of difficulties. First, make sure that Russia is on the list of countries to which the firm can send its products. Secondly, be sure to use the dictionary when you fill out the order form. Incorrect filling of any items can lead to the fact that you do not expect any gifts at all.

Yet there is one cunning, thanks to whichYou can get samples if Russia is not on the list of countries. In the column "country" is written the country, which in this list is, and its Russian address is completely driven into the column "street".

However, do not wait for the probes to provideImagine a supply of cosmetics for the year ahead. According to statistics, only 15% of what is ordered is received by the recipient. Part of the order is not sent at all by the companies. But most do not reach the addressee through the fault of the postal service employees.

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