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How to order an extract from the register in Moscow

How to order an extract from the register in Moscow

At the moment people may often need to obtain an extract from the register in a given situation, for example, to open a bank account, to enter into a major transaction, etc.

The issuance of the document in Moscow by the territorial tax authorities.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - Application for vypiski-
  • - doverennost-
  • - Envelope and bumaga-
  • - Receipt for state duty payment.



Get the extract in a territorial taxMoscow inspection - the IRS-46. To do this you will need to complete an application for a document provided by law to pay the state fee and submit the documents to the tax office.


Make a statement in a free style,Guided by the general rules of creating such documents. Specify the name of the legal entity, its BIN and INN. Also, write the tax office to which the application is filed, date, company stamp and signature. If you need to write specific information to be contained in the statement.


For basic information about the organizationUse the BIN, factual and legal address, information about the founders and the basic documents for the registration, the amount of authorized capital. Also specify the name, position, VAT number and passport details of the official representative of a legal entity, information on representative offices and branches. If you apply to an employee who does not have authority to officially represent the company, make a power of attorney in his name, reassure signature and seal of the organization.


Pay a state fee for obtaining extracts. Urgent preparation of the document will cost you 400 rubles. If you are willing to wait for some time, the cost will be for 200 rubles. Run registration fee can be paid to the organization of the current account, or through the Savings Bank for the provision of tax inspection details. Apply with a properly filled data to the tax personally or send by mail, after which the designated hours will receive a statement by providing a passport or a power of attorney employee. The urgent document will be ready the next day, and you can usually get by yourself or by mail within 5 working days.

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