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How to order item from the site

How to order the item from the site

In the online stores you can buy almost any goods ranging from clothes and home appliances and finishing with food.

Despite the differences in the goods order procedure positions in each online store is approximately the same and is carried out on a fixed scheme, regardless of the company and presented products.

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Before buying, make sure that this site can betrust. Explore the reviews online store and look at the quality of the implementation of its interface. Visit the "Contact Us" to get information about the company. A good online store must have a fully functional design and intuitive interface.
Check out the available payment methodsorders that will suit you. Most online stores offer payment by card or electronic payment systems (for example, "Yandex», Webmoney or Paypal). As an alternative method, you can note the introduction of payment by mobile phone or via the balance payment terminal services connection.

If you can not find a suitable method of payment, you should look at other online stores, which today is represented by a great variety.

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Go through the account creation process andconfigure your account to make purchases. To do this, select "Registration" section or the "Create Account" and follow the instructions on the screen. After completing the registration sign, pointing in the appropriate fields entered in the registration information, to view the profile and work with a variety of goods.
Go to "My Account" and fill in the fields in the section "Information" and "Delivery". Click "Save" After settings.

Some online stores allowto carry out the purchase without registering, but in this case, every time you have to enter the correct shipping address and contact details manually to perform a new order.


Using the categories shown on the pageresource, or by using the search box, find the position that interests you most. If you want to buy items found, click on the "Add to Cart" to add the item to your shopping list.
After you have selected, click on the "Shopping Cart"which is usually located in the right or the left upper corner of the window. Click on the button "Order", highlighting the items you want to buy now. Check out the delivery terms and the total cost of things. Click on the "Confirm" and enter the details of your credit card or account number in the payment system.
After payment you will see a correspondingnotification about the success of the operation and instructions on how to proceed. Later, you will be contacted by representatives of the online store or courier delivery service to confirm your order details and to schedule the arrival of a courier. Purchase online store can be considered complete.

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