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How to order Sberbank card

How to order Sberbank card

Savings Bank offers three types of cards - debit, credit, and special partnerships. Each map has its own characteristics and advantages.

All cards are issued within the framework of payment systems Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

Types of cards in Sberbank

The first thing you must do beforeordered map, to determine the most appropriate type. Doing it better based on their own requirements to the functional map and take into account how much annual maintenance.
Today, the Savings Bank offers a wide range of credit and debit bank cards, which differ in functionality and cost of annual maintenance.
Absence card Momentum Visa Electron and Maestro (free service) - the basic card for cash withdrawals and purchases in Russia.

For credit cards Momentum Visa Electron and Maestro maximum credit limit of up to 150 thousand p for other cards -.. To 600 thousand p..

Their main advantage is instant issuance, but abroad to use it will not be possible.
Classic card Visa Classic and MasterCardStandard (annual fee: 750 rubles per year.) - The most common types of cards with a basic set of functions. They allow you to make online payments and purchases by bank transfer. This card is chipovat that allows you to use it when making purchases while traveling abroad.
Electronic cards Visa Electron and MasterCardMaestro (annual fee:. 300 p per year) different basic set of services at the lowest cost of service, issued under salary projects.

All cards offer the ability to remotely manage your bank account through the services as "Mobile bank" and "Sberbank Online"

Card Gold (annual fee: 3000 p per year.) - Status cards with an additional set of privileges. Thus customers receive premium-class service.
Premium "Sberbank Premier" cards VisaPlatinum and World MasterCard Black Edition (cost of service in the tariff plan "Sberbank Premier" - up to 5 cards - free of charge) - a prestigious card with a high level of service.
For those who frequently make payments online and make purchases on the Internet, you can order a virtual card without physical media. Annual service fee of 60 p. in year.
If you wish to obtain additionalbenefits from the use of the card, you can then arrange the cards in partnership with Sberbank. With the help of maps "Give Life" everyone can make a contribution to charity. It helps to fight cancer in the commission of each purchase.
For those who travel a lot, card suit«Aeroflot» Visa Gold & Visa Classic, which allows you to earn miles when making each purchase. And when you make a card "MTS» MasterCard Gold & MasterCard Standard reward points "MTS Bonus", which can be exchanged for various goods and services.

How to make a map of the Savings Bank

Order card two ways - by fillingprofile with a personal visit to the bank branch or filling out an application online at the website. When a personal visit to the bank should not forget to bring your passport. When provisional application for a credit card in addition to identity documents, you need to provide an income statement and additional document to choose from (INN, SNILS, law and so forth.) The application will be considered by Sberbank 2 days.
To make an online card, you must go towww.sberbank.ru bank's website in the section "Personal Banking", select "Credit Cards", the "debit" or "credit". Next to each card you will see the link "Online application for the issue of a debit card." To apply you must complete the online registration form on the card. After this it remains only expect further information from the bank.
Making the card takes up to two weeks, after which it can be picked up at the branch.

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