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ORCHID, flowers!


Orchid, flowers!</a>

There are a great many species of orchids, all of them are gorgeous and truly beautiful in their way.

And when buying a flowering orchid in a store, we do not think about whether it will bloom in the future.

But the flowering of orchids depends on many factors.



Everyone knows that the orchid is from tropicalCountries. But not everyone knows that for a more comfortable existence of an orchid, high air humidity is needed, so it is necessary to sprinkle it 2-3 times a day. But sometimes this is not enough, in particular because of the heating in our homes. To get us out of this situation will help a wide pallet with pebbles, in which you need to pour a small amount of water and put a pot of flower on it.


Orchids love a lot of bright and scattered light,But do not overdo it, and do not put the flower pot on the sunny side in the summer. But in winter, during the flowering of most species of orchids, on the contrary, additional artificial lighting will be needed. Its light day should be at least 12-15 hours.


Particular attention should be paid to watering the orchid. It is not desirable to water it like ordinary flowers from a jug, but it is better to immerse the entire pot in a bathroom or a deep basin of water for 10-15 minutes, so that the roots are sufficiently saturated with moisture.

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