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How does the thermal imager work?


How does the thermal imager work?</a>

The thermal imager is an extremely expensive and difficult to manufacture device, which finds its application in many fields and fields of activity.

But what makes a thermal imager an important device, and what is the principle of its functioning?

Thermal imagers: the principle of operation and the features of production

A thermal imager is a special device,Used to observe the distribution of temperature on the surface or inside the object. The work of the thermal imager is directly related to thermography - a scientific way of obtaining images in infrared rays.
Infrared camera in the thermal imaging camera is non-contactIt captures the warm radiation of an object by converting it into a digital signal, which is then transmitted to the device and displayed on the monitor as a thermal image.
One of the main production problemsThermal imagers is the high cost of materials for assembling the matrix and lens, which, in fact, account for 90% of the cost of the final product. The matrices are manufactured for a very long time and require the availability of highly specialized specialists, and in the manufacture of lenses, expensive materials such as silicon or germanium are used.
The thermal imagers of the thirdGeneration, that is, stationary thermal imagers that are used in industry and construction: semiconductor templates and microbolometers of silicon are used in their production.

The thermal imager is often confused with a night deviceVision. The night vision device enhances the light entering the field of view, sometimes dazzling when bright objects meet, and the thermal imager simply catches the thermal energy of the object and transfers it.

Areas of application of thermal imagers

Thermal imagers have a wide range of applicationsBoth at large enterprises and in small organizations. In these cases, they are most often used to monitor the temperature of objects and help in troubleshooting the electrical wiring system.
The thermal imager wasConstruction: for example, in the construction of large structures, the thermal imager helps to identify sources of heat loss, to evaluate the insulation properties of the structure and individual materials, on the basis of which we can draw a conclusion about the quality of building materials.
Rescuers and firefighters also useThermal imagers: in conditions of severe smoke and poor visibility, thermal imagers help identify foci of fire, analyze the situation and find a way of evacuation. It is also used to search for missing people in forests or under the collapses of buildings.

Interesting fact: For the first time in the field of medicine, thermal imagers began to be used in the USSR - already in the 80s thermal imagers were used to diagnose diseases, in neurosurgery, as well as to isolate influenza patients from the crowd.

Particular and most widespread in theAt present, thermal imagers are used in military equipment and weapons. Thus, the sights equipped with a thermal imager allow us to detect the enemy's live forces at any time of the day, in spite of the camouflage used by the enemy. Thermal imagers are also used in helicopters and armored vehicles - there they work as one of the elements of the sighting complex.
Sights with a thermal imager for automatic weapons exist, but, because of their high cost, they have not been used in Russia, or elsewhere.

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