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How does a thermal imager

How does the thermal imager

Thermal - an extremely costly and difficult to manufacture a device that finds its application in many fields and spheres of activity.

But what makes an important imager device, and what is the principle of its operation?

Thermal: working principle and characteristics of production

The thermal imager - a special device,is used to monitor the temperature distribution on the surface or within the object. Work directly related to the thermal imager thermography - a scientific way to obtain images in the infrared light.
Infrared Imager camera contactlesswarm manner captures radiation of an object, converting it into a digital signal which is then transmitted to the device and displayed on a monitor in the form of thermal images.
One of the main problems of the productionthermal imaging is the high cost of materials for the assembly and the lens array, which, in fact, account for 90% of the final cost of the goods. Matrices are made for a long time and require highly specialized experts, and in the production of lenses are used expensive materials such as silicon or germanium.
Special thermal imaging cameras have a high cost of the thirdgeneration, that is fixed imagers are used in industry and construction: when using semiconductor manufacturing microbolometers matrix and silicon.

The thermal imager is often confused with the device of nightvision. Night vision device amplifies the entering into the field of light, sometimes blinding bright objects at the meeting, and a thermal imager captures thermal energy and transfers it to the object.

Applications of thermal imagers

Thermal imagers have a broad scopeboth large enterprises and small organizations. they are most often used in these cases to track the temperature of objects and help in finding faults in electrical wiring system.
A huge spread imager receivedconstruction, Thus, in the construction of large structures can detect thermal heat sources, to evaluate the insulation properties of selected materials and design, based on which to determine the quality of building materials.
Rescuers and firefighters also useThermal Imaging: in the face of strong smoke and poor visibility imagers help identify fire hazards, analyze the situation and find the escape route. It is also used when searching for missing people in forests or under the collapses of buildings.

Interesting fact: for the first time in medicine imagers began to be used in the Soviet Union - in the 80's thermal imagers are used for the diagnosis of diseases, neurosurgery, as well as for the isolation of persons with influenza from the crowds.

Special and most widespread incurrently receiving imagers used in military equipment and weapons. So, scopes, equipped with thermal imaging, can detect the living forces of the enemy at any time of the day, despite the applied enemy camouflage (camo). Thermal imagers are also used in helicopters and armored vehicles - where they work as part of a sighting system.
Scopes with a thermal imager for automatic weapons exist, but due to its high cost, were not used either in Russia or anywhere else.

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