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How does dual-zone climate control

How does dual-zone climate control

More recently, a car with air conditioningHe was considered the height of luxury, but today the vehicles can be fitted with such equipment, not only for heating and cooling, and climate control. These systems give absolute comfort during the trip.

There are two-, three- and four-zone climate control, one of the most common is considered dual-zone system.

Dual-zone climate - smart systemClimate control in the passenger compartment. Compared to conventional air conditioners, this equipment has a number of advantages. This ability to control not only the temperature but also the humidity inside the vehicle, high safety. Besides adjusting the climate in the passenger compartment, the system can monitor the temperature outside.

Functional two-zone climate control

Climate control system consists of a series ofelements. This heating unit, air-conditioning, special sensors located in different places, filtration system and an electronic control unit. Dual zone system is different from others in that in addition to the comfort of the driver are taken into account and the feeling of the front passenger. Climate control system selects the optimum mode of humidity and temperature in two zones. Three- and four-zone climate control and is equipped with more control, through which rear seat passengers can independently adjust the mode in the cabin.

Individual climate for the driver and passenger, though supported by a two-zone automatic system will not be radically different because of the mixing of air in the cabin.

Dual zone system takes into account the level of solarradiation, so the cabin will not fog the glass. When the heating is turned on, if the "overboard" low temperature, climate control and air conditioning uses. To exclude getting into the interior air pollution, "smart" equipment cleans the air masses.

Nuances of operation dual-zone climate control

Dual zone climate control would not give the type ofpassengers and the driver to catch a cold. The saloon cars circulating mixed air - hot and cold, and he does it in a given area. If necessary, the system operation can be adjusted by hand, so to ride in a car with dual-zone climate control will be possible, if the number of passengers with small children.
The difference of the climate control is the presence of a recirculation system, utilizing this valve, it is possible to prevent contaminated proceeds excessively dusty air from the outside into the interior.

Many motorists complain about the noise in the cabin atusing a two-zone climate control system, but the sounds are heard only at the beginning of the equipment. Upon reaching the optimum temperature system switches to silent mode.

The best selection of dual-zone climate controlIt would be if the car is mainly used for trips of two people. If more passengers, it is worth considering the installation of advanced equipment - with three or four service areas.

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