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We open our own business: children's club!


To date, the organization of a private children's club can be called one of the most profitable forms of small business.

Especially considering that places in urban and even village kindergartens are worth their weight in gold.

And you can easily open your own children's club as a non-state pre-school educational institution.

To organize a children's club you will need:

- a license to open a private children's club-
- special educational program-
- Conclusion of the Rospotrebnadzor of your city on the suitability of the available premises for the implementation of pre-school educational process-
- registration of a legal entity as a taxpayer in the tax authority -
- Qualified personnel and distribution by staff.

Step 1. Find a room to open a private children's club. The best rooms are spacious rooms, with large rooms. Therefore, it is best to choose a room for a children's club in shopping and entertainment centers - it is there that you can find a suitable pavilion for rent at a low price. Give preference to the premises, divided into several departments: distribute them to the game room, recreation room and kitchen.

Step 2. Furnish the premises with furniture necessary for the implementation of all the various processes of life and education of children: tables with chairs, sofas for rest, maybe a small home gaming complex, etc. Also, organize a toilet in your children's club. Take care of other physical needs of children, such as, for example, food and sleep.

Step 3. Do not forget about toys and subjects necessary for the implementation of pre-school education for children. Arrange for small children "lessons" on which they would learn to read, paint, paint pictures, sculpted from plasticine, etc.

Step 4. To justify the status of a pre-school educational institution, develop a charter for your children's club and an educational program for the education, development and upbringing of children. Include there not only lessons on stylistics, reading and other first subjects, but also children's games with learning elements, courtesy lessons and so on.

Helpful Hint: To immediately recruit a group of children, order in the shopping center (you can and not only in it) advertising your children's club. So they will find out about you more quickly.

Caution: Do not choose small and narrow spaces for the organization of a children's club: remember that children are children, and they will not always sit in place, they will run and play.

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