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OPENING recruitment agency

Open recruitment agency - you need to know?

It is known that a large part of any company's successIt depends on the staff team - it profile competence and cohesion. Independent attempts to find high-skilled are not always successful.

Therefore, the popularity of today become employment agencies.

Their working staff, as a rule, constitute psychologists specialists who can find the right personnel for the required professional skills and personal qualities.

But let's look at the wrong side of the personnel business and see what you need to know to start a business in this area.

  • Recruitment agency in the early stages canexist right in your home. The work begins when there is a customer base, as long as it is typed, not necessarily invest in an office for rent and for its design. Enough of the table, a chair, a mobile phone and a computer connected to the Internet. Do not forget to develop a questionnaire! For a start they can be sent to customers by email only.
  • The first steps in the staffing business concernsAdvertising on all possible media platforms. Internet resource will allow you to find clients on virtual labor markets (of course, for a fee). Attract attention to your help and publications - specialized newspapers for employment.
  • Advertising can be aimed atemployers to potential employees, or both, on the other - it all depends on what kind of employment agency you wish to lead. There are recruitment (recruiting), hedhantingovye (are searching for highly qualified specialists for large companies), specialized, information and agencies that combine all of the above. The latter are the highest level of development of your business. Just to build the sort of thing is very difficult and costly.
  • Are you ready to move to the office? Remember that it should conveniently located: in a large business center or near to public transport, so that clients can find you quickly.
  • Work your state employment agency has to consist of at least 3 staff for the simultaneous reception of customers and phone calls.
  • For dessert, the most pleasant - Recruitment of income. According to statistics, the medium untwisted but to gain a foothold in the market, the agency earns from 10 to 20 thousand. Dollars a month.

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