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OPENING of a branded clothing store: how to start your own business


Opening a branded clothing store: how to start your own business</a>

More and more people are paying attention to their appearance, so the demand for quality brand-name clothing that matches all fashion trends is growing.

Opening a store of such clothes can bring a good profit.

You will need

  • - business plan-
  • - registration documents-
  • - premise with repair-
  • - retail store equipment-
  • - suppliers-
  • - employees-
  • - advertising.



Decide what exactly you will sell and for whom. Take into account the age, gender and financial characteristics of your future clients.


Make a business plan for the future store. It can be useful to you in the future to get a loan from a bank.


First of all, you will need documents fromTax body on the registration of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity. At registration it is possible to choose the taxation system with which you will work. Ideal option will be payment of tax on imputed income, as it will save on installation and maintenance of cash register and accountant services.


The next step is to find a room for the store. It should be located in a crowded place, for example, in a large shopping center.


The shop needs to be repaired. It is desirable that the external and internal appearance of the store is not less stylish than the sold items. Be sure to think through all the elements of the decor. Excellent fit abstract paintings, posters, mirrors.


Buy commercial equipment: racks, hangers, cabinets, stand for sales consultants.


Enter into contracts with suppliers. To do this, choose some of the most popular brands among potential buyers. If you want to sell imported clothes, you can buy it through the Internet, with some firms delivering to Russia, and buying clothes in others will have through intermediaries who have warehouses in the countries you need.


Choose vendors and, if necessary, other employees. Specialists working in the trading floor should look nice, be able to competently and politely talk, have good taste.


Make a beautiful catchy sign. Do not forget about other types of advertising. The choice of promotional tools will depend on the characteristics of your region and the target audience.

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