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How to open a self-ooo

How to open a self-ooo

To open your own Companylimited liability company, you need to check your registration and requirements for filling the application form. Such information can be specified in the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate, where you will apply, or on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (address: www.nalog.ru).

It has all the necessary explanations, normative references.



The decision to establish a legal entity. It can be registered in the minutes of the general meeting of founders or the decision of the sole member of society. Here it is reflected the name of the company, its location, the size of the share capital and shares of the participants. The minimum size set by the Law on Ltd and it is ten thousand. To assign addresses society need to provide documents of title to the premises.


Develop and approve the company's charter, signed an agreement on establishment of a company, if two or more members.


Opening a bank account and payment of not less than 50% of the share capital. If the deposits are made the property, the founders must agree on its value or an independent assessment.


Payment of registration fee and filing of documentsstate registration. The registration of legal entities by the tax authorities. The application is submitted on behalf of persons entrusted with at the general meeting of founders to register the company. Applicant's signature notarized.

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