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How to open your own store


How to open your own store</a>

Opening your own store? The idea is tempting and adventurous.

On the one hand, you will have freedom of action andFavorite pastime, on the other? A lot of difficulties and paperwork. Today there are various organizations that work to help individual entrepreneurs, with them you can easily navigate the problems that arise when opening a store.

However, it is worth highlighting the main points that you will face.



Register your company. Opening Shop - a serious matter, so go to paperCases with all responsibility. To start, contact the tax authority of the administration at the place of residence (registration), but note that they do not have time to consult, so if you are new to this business, it is advisable to get a qualified help from a lawyer specializing in this matter.


Make a business plan. A correct, well thought-out plan will help to correctly calculate the costs and expected profits.


Choose the location of the future Shop. It is logical to choose the most advantageous location, with a large number of people and huge traffic. It is worth noting that in such places, rent is much higher in value.


Decide on the product range. This is a very important point, depending on the category of the group of goods, a further action plan will depend. So, for example, if you decide to sell products, you need to think over special equipment: refrigeration equipment, cash register, etc. Remember, the larger the assortment, the better will be the revenue. Also consider the options for related products. For example, if you opted to sell cosmetics and perfumes, you can combine the sale with household products.


Think about the working staff. Age, education, appearance - everything matters. Trust the recruitment of personnel to the proven recruitment agencies.


Do not stop there. Business is constantly demanding investments, so be ready to devote yourself fully to this business.

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