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How to open your own shop

How to open your own shop

Starting your own store? the idea attractive and adventurous.

On the one hand, you will have freedom of action andfavorite activity, on the other? many difficulties and red tape. Today, there are various organizations that work to help individual entrepreneurs, with them you can easily orient in the problems arising from the opening of the store.

However, it should highlight the main points, which you will encounter.



Register your company. Opening shop - A serious matter, so go to the paperAffairs with responsibility. To get started, refer to the tax authority at the place of management of residence (registration), but remember - time for consultation they do not, so if you are new in this business, it is advisable to get qualified legal assistance specializing in this matter.


Make a business plan. Right, well thought out plan will help to calculate the true costs and the estimated profit.


Select the location of the future shop. Logically it is necessary to choose the most advantageous location, with large crowds of people and a huge cross. It is worth noting that in places such rent is much higher in cost.


Decide on the range of goods. This is very important, depending on the category of product groups will depend on the further course of action. For example, if you choose to sell products, it is necessary to consider a special technique:. Refrigeration equipment, cash, etc. Remember, the more variety, the better revenues. Also consider variants related products. For example, if you chose the sale of cosmetics and perfumes, can be combined with the sale of household chemical products.


Consider working staff. Age, education, appearance - everything matters. Trust proven personnel recruitment agencies.


Do not stop there. Business requires constant investments, so be prepared to be given to this matter fully.

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