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How to open the source code of a page in Opera


Often when learning web design, you have to look at the source code of other people's web pages. No additional software is required for this.

Enough for any browser, for example, Opera.



Launch the Opera browser.


Go to the site whose HTML-code you want to view. If necessary, open one or another page on it.


If you use a modern version of the browserOpera, click on the red button with the white letter O, located in the upper left corner. A menu appears. In older versions of the browser, as well as if the classic version is selected in the modern version, the menu is already available at the top of the screen.


Regardless of how you called the menu, select the item called "View".


In the appeared submenu, select the item "Source code".


The HTML of the page will open in a separate tab. Please note that its various fragments are highlighted in colors for easy reading. If desired, switch between the page and the source code as many times as necessary to understand which of its fragments are responsible for which display items.


Remember, that:
- send the modified source code to the server is impossible-
- only the HTML-code of the page is displayed, and it is also impossible to see the contents of the scripts of the "engine" of the site (in particular, in the language of PHP)
- current legislation does not allowUse of fragments of the code of other pages, which are original and created as a result of creative activity (for example, Java scripts), on other sites without the permission of the authors of these fragments.


If desired, find similar ones by purposeMenu items in all other browsers available on your computer. Compare the source code of the same page when you open it with other browsers. Perhaps it will be slightly different. This is due to the fact that some servers, having received information about the browser used, slightly change the code of the automatically generated page. Previously, this was often done intentionally in order to worsen the compatibility of the site with different browsers, and today - mainly, in order, on the contrary, to improve it.

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