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Practice soul disclosure relates to practicesyoga, but it can be useful to any person, other religions or atheists. Different religions are called the heart of the place, where is the divine spark - the immortal soul of man.

In the Bhagavad-gita that the heart of every living soul - a piece of God.

In Christianity to accept Christ into your heart means the automatic acquisition of the perfection of Christ.



Taoism teaches that a person, there are threecenter, generating energy: the secret chakra, which is located below the navel, solar plexus and the Anahata Chakra. Disclosure of the soul - the disclosure anahata, this disclosure provides energy for meditation. Highlight for meditation for 20 minutes a day, preferably in the evening.


Start your meditation by focusing on the fieldbreast, which is located between the right and the left nipple. Listen to your feelings, you can feel the heat, vibration and even numbness. Concentrate for five minutes, then start to meditate on compassion with a concentration in the Anahata chakra, strengthen their feelings.


During meditation, mentally iterate over the people withwhich you are familiar - and those you love and those you do not like. Do not make a distinction between them, simply have compassion in your heart, strengthen energy into anahata.


After all of your friends will be held beforeyour mind's eye, imagine the millions of people who live on the Earth. They rejoice and suffer wrong and bustle, building their castles illusory and without knowing the truth, die. Sympathize with these souls, whose castles in the sand collapsed along with their death. Continue to meditate on compassion 8 minutes.


Go to the meditation of love, open your heart, that he spilled all my love to the Earth and all the people living on it, feel the flow of love that poured out from anahata.


Meditate on compassion and loveeverywhere, even when you walk down the street, that he spilled his soul energy to everyone around you. Be yourself with compassion and love, and live in this energy, avoiding it cool head and fixed ideas. After a week of training in meditation your soul is sure to be revealed, and even if you stop after a certain time to meditate, then your soul to survive easier way out, and it will begin to affect your external life situations.

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