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How to open a card in a Savings Bank


How to open a card in a Savings Bank</a>

With many complaints about the quality of service, Sberbank remains highly popular among Russians. In favor of using his card says a wide network of branches and ATMs throughout the country.

To issue this bank product is not difficult, but there are restrictions on the registration of the client at the place of residence, which in other banks, as a rule, no.

You will need

  • - passport with registration in the service area of ​​the bank-
  • - money for the first installment-
  • - additional documents if you make out a credit card.



Please Select Card, Which they would like to open. To learn about the difference between cards of different systems, classes, types and types of service conditions, and tariffs in each case, you can on the official website of the Savings Bank or in any of its offices from consultants.
Tariffs can vary depending on the region: where the standard of living and income of the population is higher, there is more.


Contact the nearest bank officeYour registration at the place of residence (there may be several, especially in large cities) and tell the operator about their desire to open this or that Card.
Present the passport to the operator.
If you need a credit card, additional documents will be required. The list can be found on the bank's website or obtained in its branch. In other cases, a passport is sufficient.
Carefully read the contract and other proposed documents, especially the text in small print, check with the operator if something is unclear.
If everything is clear and satisfied - put a signature.


Make an initial installment of the account to which the future Card. Officially it is declared that its size is at the discretion of the client, but in practice the amount usually is not less than the annual card service cost.
Depending on the branch, the operator will take the money himself or send you to the cashier.


In the term specified by the operator, come toSeparation behind the finished card and a PIN-code to it. Sign in the designated field on the back of the card. If activation is necessary, the operator will instruct you how to do this.
Remember the PIN code and destroy (better burn) the paper on which it is written. These figures should not be known by anyone except you.

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