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How to open the game room, bringing the benefits?

How to open the game room, bringing the benefits?

Modern parents now have the opportunityand the desire to entertain and develop their children. Game rooms favorably placed in shopping centers, then they become a subsidiary element, because parents leave kids there at the time of shopping.

With this you can offer to carry out in the game room, birthdays, inviting for this animation, while expanding the range of services and increase profitability.

It is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice ofpremises, or rather the shopping center or mall, where your game room will be located. Research shows that shopping centers are walking are not well suited for such purposes, exceptions are shopping centers in remote areas where people spend a lot of time and weekends. The maximum benefit to place a games room in a large shopping mall in the city center. Of course, the rent will be much more expensive than in a small center, but also attendance and, consequently, the income will be higher.

It is important to choose the right equipment for theirroom. It is necessary to determine at what age, on how many children will be calculated by the institution. A large number of age categories of children's play captures the maze. In a dry swimming pool, gorochki will be interesting to kids. Tunnels, bridges, obstacle zavlekut older kids. The maze is set not only physically educational elements, but also learning numbers and letters of the modules.

In addition to the maze will need quitea little bit of equipment, durable table with chairs and an easel, which will take less space and does not require paper. Looking rocking, soft modules, house for quiet games. Once set up shop, where kids will be able to take your shoes off.

In order not to be mistaken with the area andto set the right price you will need to do some research. In the mall for a few hours on weekdays and weekends to carry out surveys, and it is better to offer to fill in questionnaires to visitors center to see how many parents are willing to leave their children in the playroom of the children age, how much money parents are willing to pay for it.

Based on these data, you can decide toarea. For example, for a room with a capacity of 10-15 children need 20-30 square meters room. M. In the labyrinth of capacity is calculated as follows: 1 child - 1 sq.m. In the game room as a whole should be 1.5-2 sq. m for each child. If you plan to spend holidays and birthdays, the room should be more than to be able to hold outdoor games and competitions.

Your room should be some kind of zest,it attracts to it, especially if there is competition. This can be a special decoration, interesting accessories, may be 1-2 specific element, but they must be seen immediately or once advertised at the entrance.

Particular attention should be paid to recruitment,because it is these people, parents should be trusted with the most precious - their children. Need 2 administrator, who will work shifts, 2 days work, 2 - the rest.

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