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How to open part of the archive

How to open part of the archive

Large files or sets of files thatare, for example, computer games, movies, audio books have a considerable total weight - from a few hundred megabytes to ten gigabytes. They are transmitted through the network, usually in the rar-archives are broken down into volume.

Often there is a need to open one or several parts of incomplete or damaged multi-volume archive.

It is not always possible, but you can try.



Make sure that your operating systemArchiver installed, which can work with multivolume archives in rar format. The most common application of this kind is the WinRAR program - just install it, as this archiver, as opposed to, for example, 7-zip and WinZIP has additional options for working with damaged rar-archives.


Go to the archive file that you are interested in,and double-click it. The operating system recognizes the file extension, will start the archive and give him the chosen file. In the WinRAR window, click "Extract" or open the menu "Commands" section and select "Extract to the specified folder." There are also hot keys assigned to this command - alt + e.


Specify the location to unzip the window thatarchiver open. Then, place a checkmark in the box labeled "Leave the disc damaged files" and start the process by pressing «OK» button. Archiver will start extracting files procedure, and when it comes to a missing or damaged file volume, it displays a warning message with options for further action. Click "Cancel" and the process is terminated. If you do not put a mark, after cancel WinRAR to remove traces of incomplete transactions, but because you have done this, in this folder you will all the files that had to extract archiver.

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