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How to open an online store from scratch

How to open an online store from scratch

Internet shopping in foreign countries for a long time spread.

As for Russia, they are popular with everyoneyear keeps growing and growing. Anything you can buy on the Internet: from clothing to shoes, from medicines to books, computers and phones, from the food to the animals, as well as tickets, vouchers.

This business brings to its owner a good profit.

But the question arises: how is it to organize, how to open the online store from scratch?

Benefits online store

Trading online has many advantages. Where you can save money on renting premises for actual stores, there is no need to hire a large number of employees, we can quickly respond to customer inquiries or to quickly change the range.

In addition, the online store canlocated anywhere: in Moscow, St. Petersburg or in any other city. Online stores are not binding on the territorial location. The advantage is the fact that in order to open an online store and a small enough amount of money. Just less than for opening a real store. But from a legal point of view, these kinds of businesses are equal before the law. And the financial statements, the accounting records do not differ. For tax authorities also does not matter, the Internet is a shop or in a room: taxes are the same, the tax system, too.

What to sell online store

In order to start this type of business before you open an online store, you must decide what to sell. There are several options:

The first option is to sell standard products: books, CDs, mobile phones, gifts and so on.

Next option - sale of the products inwhich you are familiar. For example, if you are well versed in the pharmaceutical industry, you can keep an online pharmacy without difficulty: selling drugs, medical equipment.

And the last option - the sale of new andrisk products. Choose such products can be based on a variety of research in the various markets and on its own flair. Many entrepreneurs in Russia and other countries were able to implement their plans and created a business that brings a good income. But every day business undeveloped niche decreases in their amounts.

Types of online stores

Like real shops, online stores can be of different types. Selection of the appropriate type is the next step, if you decide to open an online store.

The first type - a full-fledged online store. Such stores have physical offices, warehouses, service delivery, human resources, content and so on.

There is also a type of facilitated online store. Typically, these stores do not have a physical address, work through your site and operators taking and order. By the way, operators can not be, in this case, the application for purchase is made through the electronic application. After receiving her manager acquires the specified goods from other sellers and provides it to the buyer. This type of store does not involve the rapid development, it is generally static and stable, requires no special servicing.

Finally, you can open an online store likeaddition to the real. Mainly sold through the official website of the real shop, but often have a seller operates a number of official sites.

How to create a website for online store

So you've decided already firmly openonline store, then the next step is to create a website for him. There exists also several options. The first - the creation of its own website: the site is created or the owner of an online store, or his acquaintances, friends. If these people are not professionals in the creation of websites, it is harder to monitor how the term to create the site and its quality.

If this is not an option, you canto turn to professionals and to buy the site. Today, thanks to the same Internet, one can find an appropriate artist and ordered him to the creation of the site, providing all the necessary information and requirements for registration. The second option is more expensive, but the owner will not have to regret it.

In addition to the cost of creating the site foronline store, you need to spend a little money on a domain name and hosting, which is about 400-600 rubles per month in total. It is inexpensive, so these costs will be covered with income, but the site will always be available to potential buyers.

Employees osCommerce

To open the facilitated type online store,it will be enough staff to 25-30 people, a lot of experience from them is not required. Employees may be operators of call center managers working with the goods, courier, IT-enabled site. In the initial stages of an urgent need exists only in the operators and managers. Courier delivery can be charged special companies engaged in shipping and transportation, or you can use the postal services. The latter option is acceptable, generally upon delivery of goods to different parts of the country, if the delivery is made within one or more cities, faster and more convenient to use the first option. In the case of the transition to an online store full service total number of employees will increase from 30 to 80-100 people.

Organization of payment of goods in online store

And here there are different kinds of guaranteesfulfillment of the obligations of the parties. For payment via the Internet using e-wallets, WebMoney started on the bases, Yandex.Money and so on. This type of payment is convenient when orders for large sums of money, saves time and effort. However, electronic payment systems charge a fee for transfers of funds, interest in systems differ.

Sometimes the sales relationships involvedbanks performing operations "Purchases on credit", but it requires a separate agreement with one or another bank. In general, this operation is very convenient both for the one who has opened an online store, and for the buyer.

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