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How to open mms messages

To open mms-message (unlikesms-messages from the opening, which does not cause difficulties) mobile phone owner should take into account several nuances associated with the settings of the message type.



Send and receive mms-messages can be only in the case, if your phone supports GPRS / EDGE function, as can be read in by the mobile device user guide.


After confirming the presence of this function, callYour mobile operator company, ask about what you were sent to mms settings, and then save them. The numbers of operators, leading Russian mobile operators: Megafon - 0500, Beeline - 0611 MTS - 0890.


If for any reason, call the operator can not be done, there is the following method Order mms-message settings (for example, Megaphone, Beeline, MTS).

For subscribers of MegaFon network: send free sms-message to the short number 5049 with the text "3", or use of the Servicehttp://phones.megafonmoscow.ru/phones/settings/,where in the respective fields, specify & nbsp-the name of the phone manufacturer, brand phone, type the requested settings and your phone number. After the setup will go to the phone as a message, save it.


For MTS subscribers: call the free short number 0876 or send an empty SMS free message to the short number 1234 with the result that you will be automatically sent to mms settings. It is also possible the option of using Site services (for example, http://www.ivanovo.mts.ru/help/settings/?utm_source=yandex&-utm_content=nastrojki&-utm_campaign=Imidzh), where select your region and a phone number. Save the settings.


For subscribers of Beeline network: service use mms-messages connected by default. If you for some reason have disabled this service, dial * 110 # 181 # & nbsp- settings for a particular phone model, you can find by clicking on the following link & nbsp-.: http://mobile.beeline.ru/msk/setup/mms.wbp?bm=318f7548-2989-415d-9908-3b492dbfc95f.


You can also send and receive mms-COMMUNICATIONS, setting them manually by entering the following parameters:

Profile name: BeeMMS
Data Bearer: GPRS
User ID: beeline
Password: beeline
APN: mms.beeline.ru
IP address:
IP Port: 9201 (or 8080 for WAP 2.0 phones)
Message server:http://mms/

Thus, by configuring your phone, you can open mms-messages. The algorithm is the discovery of this type of message is no different from the algorithm opening sms-messages.

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