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How to open his own theater

How to open his own theater

Today's Russian realities are such that to open its theater can anyone with a desire and a certain amount of money (about eight hundred thousand dollars).

This is the theory.

Practice shows that in addition to this you need to have an adventurous nature, and have a warehouse in the head the idea that would distinguish your house from hundreds of others.



To start think over the state theaterand hire a staff. For very small theaterand you need at least forty people, including the administration and actors.


In addition to the administration and the actors do not forget to hiremake-up artists, workers with the light, the director, costume designer, etc. Remember that at first people can work part-time, this will allow you to avoid solid cost for benefits. It makes sense to invite experts only for specific work (installation scene, scenery, makeup actors).


Have your room is expensive and not always profitable, so rent a scene in the existing school theaterie, culture house, school, etc.


In the contract specify that in this room will not only go to plays, but also be a rehearsal.


Lay a certain amount (about thirtypercent of the initial capital) on advertising as a new business will require promotion. Advertising can be very expensive (TV, newspapers, radio) and a very budget, for very modest budget you can just paste up posters and ads.


Free play can be useful fora category of viewers: the poor, pensioners and children. Remember that even a very good performance in the occupancy of the hall ninety percent - an excellent result.


It is much cheaper to invest in the entreprise. This performance lightweight decorations, involved a small number of actors (five or six). Generally, among them only one star. With luck entreprise pays off in a few months.

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