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How to open his business from scratch

How to open his business from scratch

Open their business from scratch is not difficult, provided you know how to do it. You must be psychologically prepared for this, legally grounded.

You do not want to depend on anyone, but I want to love and get good money.

Take, finally, a firm decision to start their own business from scratch, and to translate their ideas into reality.



Select the form of ownership of the enterprise: individual entrepreneur (SP) or Limited Liability Company (LLC). Remember that the company runs the risk of their capital, and the SP? all their property? movable and immovable.


Register your company. For a sole proprietorship, prepare the following documents: application, copy of passport, certified by a notary, the receipt of payment of state fees. To register a company, you must also provide your company Charter. The content of the Charter is determined by the Federal Law? On Limited Liability ?. Specify in it the maximum possible number of activities.


If you choose a company as a form of property, open a bank account and put it on the authorized capital. Individual entrepreneur checking account may not have.


Put on the tax account registeredventure with INN? taxpayer identification number. You must be registered extra-budgetary funds? Pension Fund, Compulsory Medical Insurance, Social Insurance Fund, in the body of the state statistics.


Depending on the type of activity of the enterprise, select the tax regime: standard, simplified and imputed income. On this issue, be sure to consult a specialist.

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