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How to open your business from scratch


How to open your business from scratch</a>

Opening your business from scratch is easy, provided that you know how to do it. You must be psychologically ready for this, legally shod.

You do not want to depend on anyone, but want to do what you love and get decent money.

Finally, take a firm decision to start your business from scratch, and implement your plans in life.



Select an enterprise property form: Individual entrepreneur (IP) or limited liability company (LLC). Remember that the LLC risks its capital, and IP? With all your property? Movable and immovable.


Register the company. To register an IP, prepare the following documents: an application, a copy of the passport, certified by a notary, a receipt for payment of the state fee. To register an LLC, you must also provide the Charter of your enterprise. The content of the Charter is defined by the Federal Law? About Limited Liability Companies ?. Indicate in it the maximum possible number of activities.


If you chose LLC as a form of ownership, open a settlement account in the bank and put your authorized capital on it. An individual entrepreneur may not have a settlement account.


Put on the tax account registeredEnterprise with the assignment of TIN? Identification number of the taxpayer. Also you have to register for extra-budgetary funds? The Pension Fund, the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund, the Social Insurance Fund, the state statistics body.


Depending on the type of enterprise activity, select the tax regime: ordinary, simplified and imputed income. On this issue, please consult with a specialist.

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