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How to open his studio clothing

How to open an atelier clothing

Custom Clothing now seems something exotic.

In fact, why should sew a dress, if you can buy?

But do not rush to answer unequivocally: often ballroom, evening or wedding dress, custom-made, much better, nicer and cheaper than those offered shops. Therefore studio - quite a successful business idea.

In addition, the cost of its opening is small enough, you can initially work independently at home.



Open studio easy to him who knows how to sew and understandsfashion. Most importantly, it will require - is a good sewing machine. The materials are generally provided by the customer or by agreement with the customer purchased the master. room for studio should be minimal at first suit even own apartment. Needless to say that a company studio it is not necessary to create, it is best to simply register as an individual entrepreneur.


However, still studio tailoring - quite specific kindbusiness. Expect that clients will tumble down to you as soon as you open up, you should not: yet casual clothes people prefer to buy in the shops, and ballroom, evening and wedding dresses in our lives need not so often. Therefore, before opening studio should think about its progress.


Your first customers, no doubt, will beyour friends. Oh, they do know for sure that you know how to sew beautiful clothes. First of all, bring this information to anyone who may not yet know. Let everyone know that you're open studio. It is possible that someone just now need to make an evening dress. It is especially advantageous to provide this information in the spring, when students and their parents prepare for prom.


You can also deploy a small advertisingcampaign in social networks and "female" forums. To this end, it is important to make a portfolio - take pictures that you've ever sewn, and post these photos, because potential customers need to know what you can do. "Word of mouth" and the Internet in the case of opening studio - The best form of advertising, because they are the inexpensive and easy to understand. Posters, flyers and stuff will cost more, but the effect may remain the same.


As an individual entrepreneur can do business in his own apartment, so the room for studio you will need later when you "grow up" and hire staff. Thus, the first action of wanting to open studio after the campaign - it's registration as an individual entrepreneur and buy a good sewing machine. With the advent of the first client studio It can be considered open.

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