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How to open a damaged rar


How to open a damaged rar</a>

People working with archives, for sure, had to deal with the problem of their damage. When you try to open an archive, the user receives a notification that it is corrupted and can not be opened.

Of course, if there is a copy of the archive itself or directly the files that it contains, then this is not a problem.

Everything is much more serious if the archive is only in one copy and contains the necessary information.

You will need

  • - Computer with Windows-
  • - program WinRAR.



First of all you need to install on your computerOne of the latest versions of the WinRAR program, as they are more functional, and the chances of a successful outcome of the operation will also be higher. Details about the versions of the program, its changes and updates can be found on the official website of WinRAR.


Begin unpacking the corrupted archive file. When a window appears that informs about the unpacking error, write down the name of the damaged archive or archive volume, or file. Then abort the unzipping operation.


Then open the archive. The information about the opening error will appear. Further in the window, where the list of volumes, archives and files, find that file, volume or archive, on which information about the error was displayed. Select it with the left mouse button. Then select the "Operation" option in the WinRAR menu, then "Restore the archive". A window will appear. Although it is possible to select the type of archive in it, you do not need to do this. The program will automatically determine this. Select only the folder to save the information.


To do this, click "Browse" andSpecify the desired folder. After that, click Ok. A window will appear, in which the process of restoring the archive will be displayed, the time of which depends on the contents of the archive and on the power of your computer. If the program can restore the archive, then after the process is completed, the bottom of the window will be marked "Done".


Go to the folder you selected. Open the archive. Now it opens normally. You can open files both in the archive itself and retrieve their contents. The original name of the restored archive is changed. If necessary, you can rename it back. A damaged archive can be deleted from the hard disk of the computer.

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