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How to open damaged rar

How to open damaged rar

People who work with archives, for sure, had to deal with the problem of damage. When you try to open the file the user is notified that it is damaged and can not be opening.

Of course, if you have a copy of the archive or just the files that it contains, it is not a problem.

Everything is much more serious if the archive only one copy, and contains the necessary information.

You will need

  • - Computer with OS Windows-
  • - WinRAR program.



First of all, you need to install on your computera recent version of WinRAR program, as they are more functional, and the chances of a successful outcome of the operation will be higher. Details about the program version, it changes and updates can be found on the official website of WinRAR.


Start unpacking damaged archive file. When the window appears, which will be reported on the decompression error, write down the name of the corrupted file or file volume, or file. Then the chop operation unzipping.


Then, open the archive. You will see information about the opening of an error. Next to the window, where the list of volumes, archives and files, locate the file, or that file, which was highlighted error information. Select it with the left mouse button. Then, in the WinRAR program menu, select "Operation", then - "Restoring the archive." A window will appear. Although in it and you can select the file type, you do not need this. The program will detect it automatically. Select a folder you need to save the information.


To do this, click "Browse"select the desired folder. Then click OK. A window in which to display the file recovery process, time which depends on the contents of the archive and on the power of your computer. If the program will be able to restore a file, the bottom of the window after the completion of the process will be the inscription "Done".


Go to the folder you choose. Open the file. Now he opens normally. You can open files in the archive and extract its contents. The initial name of the restored file changes. If necessary, you can rename it back. The damaged file can be deleted from your hard drive.

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