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How to open a PPC


How to open a PPC</a>

In the 1990s, the demand for security services was extremelyHigh, and private security companies (POCs) opened in large numbers. Currently, this type of business with relatively low competition is one of the most attractive.

In addition, now Russia ranks fourth in the world in the security services market.



After the registration of the ChUP as a legalA person must obtain a license in accordance with the established procedure for his activities, issued for a period of 5 years. In addition, the licensing management quarterly will conduct a planned audit of the work of your organization.


If the private security company in itsActivity uses weapons, then the manager must comply with all requirements for its storage and use. It is necessary to equip a special room, surrounded by bars, an iron door, a safe, an alarm system and an alarm button on all sides. Also, 24-hour room security should be provided. It will take a separate room to charge weapons, the walls of which are lined with a bullet-proof coating. In addition, the ChOP arsenal can include gas cartridges, electric shock, rubber sticks, gas and traumatic weapons, handcuffs.


In most cases, the CHOP is headed by a formerEmployee of law enforcement agencies or special services. Every employee of the organization must have a certificate of a private guard, without which the use and use of weapons is prohibited. The PPC must insure all its employees. The company also provides them with uniforms, conducts regular training and shooting in a professional shooting range.


Determine the direction of the operation of the ChP. This can be the protection of objects with the use of weapons and without (providing access control), escorting cargo, equipping the premises with security equipment, personal and panel protection. In the latter case, serious financial investments will be required to install the remote control, equipment of the rapid reaction group, which, in addition to overalls and protective equipment, must be provided with telephone communications, a portable radio station, video surveillance equipment and a car.


Before the opening of the ChOP, you must already have a databasePotential customers. Initially, this can be your acquaintances, who in the future will be able to recommend the company to others. In general, the success of the PSC determines its reputation in a professional environment.

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