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How to open PSE

How to open PSE

In the 90 years the demand for security services has been extremelyhigh, and private security companies (PSCs) were opened in large numbers. Currently, this type of business with a relatively low competition is one of the most attractive.

In addition, Russia is now ranked fourth in the world in the market of security services.



After registering as a legal Chopperson must obtain a license in the established order on its business, grant for a period of 5 years. In addition, the license management on a quarterly basis will conduct routine checks of your organization.


If a private security company in itsActivities uses a weapon, the head is obliged to comply with all the requirements of storage and use. It is necessary to equip a special room, with all sides enclosed with gratings, metal door, safe, alarm system and a panic button. Also it must be provided round the clock security room. It will take a separate room for the weapons charge, the walls of which are lined with puleulavlivayuschim coating. In addition, in the arsenal of Chop may include gas canisters, stun guns, rubber truncheons, gas and traumatic weapon, handcuffs.


In most cases, the head of Chop is a formerlaw enforcement authorities or the security services. Each member of the organization is required to have a certificate of the private security guard, without which the carrying and use of weapons is prohibited. PSC must insure all their employees. The company also provides their form, conducts regular training and professional shooting dash.


Determine the direction Chop work. This may be the protection of objects with the use of arms and without (software check mode), support of cargoes, equipment premises security equipment, personal and panel protection. In the latter case it will require significant financial investments to set the remote, equipment rapid response team, which in addition to protective clothing and protective equipment telephone service should be provided, portable radios, equipment for video surveillance and car.


Before opening Chop need to already have a basepotential customers. Initially, this can be your friends, who in the future will be able to recommend the company to others. In general, the success of Chop determines its reputation in the professional environment.

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