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How to open car fleet

How to open car fleet

Any vehicle you purchased compulsorily need to register in the state control bodies. In our country, such instances are MREO and GAI.

Without the permission of driving, you will not be able to move freely throughout the country.



The registration procedure may be delayed for yearsmonths, so be patient and follow a pre-planned sequence of actions. To register the car in the form of motor transport is necessary only if you are the legal entity and a representative of any organization, regardless of ownership. The Ministry of Defence, the Interior Ministry and the FSB register vehicles in a specific order.


If you want to open car fleetFor a start, please register in the militarycommissariat. Then get the approval of the State Inspection of Traffic Safety. To do this, give the head of the district traffic police management regulation documents, leases and car parking spaces, maintenance and so on.


After all this, please register your car fleet in MREO. This process of opening the automotive sector is completed. If you do not have time to go through all the procedures yourself, trust registration of experienced professionals who will do everything in the best possible way. Implementation of all the above actions is necessary because if you do not pass the registration, you will not be in accordance with the Russian legislation, have the right to use your vehicle for other purposes. In case of disobedience, you will be imposed penalties in accordance with Art. 12.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences.


After completing the registration of such entity as the GUP car fleet, You will be issued a special autocode composedwhich is encrypted includes all the technical data on the fleet. In the event of a change of address of the legal entity to inform the traffic police department in the district.


There are a lot of gray schemes, which allowto use the vehicle without legal entity registration of motor transport in the state bodies. However, you do not need to commit unlawful acts. Stick to the existing legislation, and you as the chief of a fleet, will be able to avoid many problems. That will allow you to continue to lead the company to success.

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