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How to open an account in the US

How to open an account in the US

You can open a bank account in the US, even if you do not have local citizenship.

Many of the students visiting, resident aliens and diplomats who are not US citizens are in need of this service.

What do I do it?

You will need

  • - Passport-
  • - Valid driver prava-
  • - The international identification number of the tax bearer
  • - Confirmation of the current propiski-
  • - Social security number, if you work in the United States.
  • - Cash.



Check first with the list of countries thatconsidered hostile by the laws of the Office of Foreign Assets Control. This is the US Treasury Department, which imposes sanctions and carries out foreign policy. If you wish to open an account in the party is hostile to the list of countries, you can not open it in the US bank account.
& nbsp-


Prepare all the documents proving yourpersonality. Once you find out what your country's citizens are allowed to open their own expense, collect all business documents in one folder. Most banks require at least two copies of the applicant's passport, with its crisp photos, information on taxes and some additional documents to confirm the identity of the final.


Go to your chosen bank. After the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001, all who are not US citizens, can not open a bank account online. You should visit the bank of their choice and sign the necessary documents in person.


Fill in all the forms provided to you. Make sure that you fill out the questionnaire for the US bank account properly to avoid the risk of rejection. Avoid as much as possible, an input error. But even if you made a typo, you can request an additional copy to make the necessary corrections.


Make a deposit. Just as in the opening of any ordinary bank account, you have to make an initial deposit in order to open it. What is the initial payment required at the same time will depend on the bank itself.


Wait until the bank will check all the documentsto render its verdict. bank documents Processing may take 2 to 5 working days. You will be allowed to receive the documents of account opening by mail in case of a temporary stay in the United States, or you can pick them up in person at the department on the specified day.

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