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How to open an account in Sberbank of Russia

How to open an account in Sberbank of Russia

The procedure for opening accounts in Sberbank is quite simple and is designed in such a way that the bank's customers are able to open accounts in Russian rubles and in foreign currency.

In addition, the Savings Bank opens and maintains several types of accounts for individuals.

You will need

  • Passport



First of all you must decide for yourself what kind ofthe bank account you want to open. There are three main types of accounts. Current account - is provided for storage of cash, so & nbsp-and for financial calculations. Deposit account - it happens accrual of interest on deposits. And the card account that is opened for financial settlement with plastic cards.


For Russian citizens when applying to theSavings will be enough to have a passport. Foreigners must present a passport and a document confirming the right to stay in the territory of Russia.


Go to the nearest branch of the Savings Bank at the place of your residence. Refer to the Clerk of deposit operations to the question of opening a bank account.


Give details of the specialist as to whatcurrency you want to open an account and what actions are going to be carried out in cash. Bank Officer will advise the appropriate type of account for you and explain its advantages, as well as talk about other types of bank accounts that may be opened in this branch of Sberbank.


Determine the type of bank account,give the employee the bank the original passport, which is required for registration of the deposit agreement, which will be made in two copies. Please note that your copy of the contract is required to present a round seal of the bank.


It is possible that the deposit Officer will ask you to leave specimen signature in a special card. In the future, all your signatures on documents of the bank will be required to conform to this pattern.


After & nbsp-contract will be concluded,& Nbsp-bank can transfer the deposit of your money. Receiving funds carries a cash Officer. For this approach in the cash cab and tell the bank employee contract, passport and cash. In many branches of the Savings Bank of the deposit department employees themselves provide the cashier all these documents, and you will be just enough to go to the ticket office with the money.


After receiving the money, and they will return your translation to youcopy of the contract, executed passbook, passport and cash pay-in slip. & Nbsp-In addition to this, you will draw up a plastic debit card for the deposit. Card you can get two weeks after opening an account in Sberbank.

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