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Open account with an individual

Open account with an individual

Current Account requires an individual to save money or increase income through the accrual of interest.

The owner is always confident in the security of their savings and may at any time withdraw or transfer the required amount without any problems.



Study offers of different banks for openingcurrent account. To do this, you can visit the website of the credit organization on the Internet, go to the bank branch or call the help desk. Compare all the information, determine the bank's fee for account maintenance, make sure you can connect internet banking available, find out what services you will provide the bank.


Also determine the number of bank branches andATMs in your area. Read the reviews and ratings on the bank in a variety of media, forums on the Internet or in the ratings. Analyze all the information and make a selection.


Collect the documents needed toopening a checking account. Write an application to the bank, make a copy of your passport and reassure her with his signature. If you are in private practice or are self-employed, make notarized copies of the relevant certificates and references.


Visit a bank branch during working hours. Refer to the bank manager and let the desire to open a pacalculating score. Some banks will need to fill out a questionnaire, which indicated some information about yourself. The manager will tell you about all the packages for the current accounts, which are provided by the bank, and will help you to choose the most optimal. Sometimes, to open an account you will need to make the first payment on the pacalculating account or to pay the bank fee.


Wait for opening a checking account. Typically, this occurs on the day of submission of the application. Get agreement on opening a bank account, indicating the tariffs and conditions. If the bank allows customers to use remote management of accounts, you will receive the keys for access to telephone banking or Internet banking. Consult on change and recover passwords.

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