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How to open access to a local disk


How to open access to a local disk</a>

It makes sense to open access to hard disks in theComputer network of any company to speed up the production process. To allow any user to grant the right to dispose of data from any computer on the network, it is necessary to set the address of his computer in the access protocol.

How to make a local disk open for users of the local network?



Enter the menu of the "Start" button. Select "My Computer". In principle, you can do this by double-clicking on the "My Computer" icon, which is located in the upper left corner of your desktop. Before you open the window. Select the local disk in it, the access to which you want to open. Click on it with the right mouse button, in the appeared menu select "Properties". A window will appear before you.


Select the "Access" tab. In it, find and select the "If you want to open access to the root folder of the disk, click here." Select the check box next to "Share this folder". You will find it in the section "Network Sharing and Security". Then, specify the network name of the local disk that will be displayed as a share on the local network.


Check the box next to "AllowChange the file system "to open access to the local disk. After that, other users of the network will be able to freely dispose of the information that is stored on it.


To prevent various kinds of unpleasantThe moments related to erroneous correction of information, uncheck the box next to "Allow files to be modified over the network" so that the information of the selected local disk is available to other users only in read mode.


Apply the changes. To do this, click OK. If you did everything correctly, the disk selected for sharing will be displayed in the My Computer window as an icon with an open palm.


To open access to a particularFolder, not the disk as a whole, do everything according to the directions described above. If you want to allow access to only some users, then specify their addresses on the network so that only they have the right to view documents on an open local disk.

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