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How to open access to local disk

How to open access to local disk

It makes sense to provide access to the hard drives incomputer network of any company to accelerate the manufacturing process. To give anyone the right to manage the data of any computer on your network, you must set the address of his computer in the access log.

How to open a local drive for LAN users?



"Start" button to enter the menu. Select "My Computer." Basically, you can do this by double-clicking on the icon "My Computer", which is located in the upper left corner of your desktop. Before you open the window. Select it in the local disk, access to which you want to open. Click the right mouse button, the pop-up menu, select "Properties". a window will appear before you.


Select the "Access" tab. In it, find and select "If you want to share the root folder of the drive, click here." Put the box next to "Share this folder". You will find it in the "Network sharing and security". Next, specify the network name of the local drive, which will be displayed in the local network as a common resource.


Put the box next to "Allowchange the network file "to open access to the local disk. After that, other users on the network will be able to freely dispose of the information that is stored on it.


In order to prevent various kinds of unpleasantpoints related to the correction of erroneous information, clear the box next to "Allow network users to change files" to the selected local disk information was available to other users in read-only mode.


Apply the changes. To do this, click OK. If you did everything correctly, the drive selected to share will be displayed in the "My Computer" as an icon with an open hand.


To open access to any individualfolder, rather than a whole disk, do everything in accordance with the instructions described above. If you want to allow access only to certain users, specify the addresses on the network, so that only they had the right to view documents on the open local disk.

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